February 20

how to make categories

When your finished writing a post, you should assign it a category.

If this is a new categories for you, go to the right hand side of the screen where it says categories. Click add new category. If you already have categories you can make a new category as part of a old category by choosing parent category. (eg grammar could be a category inside writing.) In the box for categories type the name of your category. Now click  the add new category box.  Now you have the new category you want.

If you are typing a post that you want as a part of a category you already have , you just have to click the box with the name of that category and it will now be part of that category.

Categories appear as a label at the bottom of every post. If you click on that label all the posts that are in that category will appear. It will help people look at posts that are similar in your blog.

If you want to make a category without having made a post, go to your dashboard, on the left float over “post” and choose ‘categories’. On this new page, name your category and click the ‘add new category’ button at the bottom.

You can categorise posts in the posts section of your dashboard using “quick edit” and checking the category box you want

August 28

how to get your own virtual bunnyhero labs pet

if you go to one of my virtual pet and then below it should have a text saying adopt your own virtual pet double click on that and then pick an animal. Then you name your pet you can colour your pet press finish or done then a page will come up and has a lot of categories press other sites and then press copy code got to your blog and find the widgets category open sidebar 2 at the bottom of the widgets list you should find something saying text drag that into sidebar 2 click on the arrow going down in the lage box press right click and press paste then at the strip box name your animal then press save then if you go back to your site you should have your animal.

August 25

how to do a crochet chain

How to crochet  a chain

What you need:

  1. Crochet hook
  2. Wool


  1. You get the end of your wool and make a slip knot
  2. Put your crochet hook through the slip knot take the string that leads to the ball of wool
  3. Hook the string and bring it through the slip knot repeat this progress and you can have a chain.
March 22

moonface tofees






1. Heat up the stove

2. Pour 2/3 cups sugar into the saucepan then add 2/3 cups water you do not need you leave it on the saucepan until it goes brown

3. After it goes brown pour it into paddy pans and wait until they harden.

September 10

free royals!

                                                     Free royals

Equipment: 9 sided dice, playing cards, tally 2-4 players

Rules: No cheating, no stealing cards, no walking on equipment

How to play:

  1. Take all the kings, queens, jacks, jokers and tens out of the deck.
  2. This game has to be played by subtraction.
  3. Put all of the other shuffled cards face down.
  4. Each player picks up one dice and rolls to get the highest number and whoever rolls the highest number gets to   have their turn first.
  5. The player with the highest number gets to roll first.
  6.  When they roll to get the highest number they have to pick up a card from the top of the deck and subtract the biggest to the smallest.
  7. You have the card down as quick as you can and the first person to say the right answer gets to subtract the number from 50.
  8. If it’s a draw you have to redo the turn.
  9. The first person to get to zero or past from 50 wins!

made by:anton and ferris