December 12

BTN Solar System

This article was about how the people that draw diagrams about space have it terribly disproportioned.

In this video they said that if they find out a few ratios and proportioned them down to a particular size. When they did this they sized the earth down to a marble. And the sun 1.22m across the did this because the this sun was the same size of the sun in the sky from our perspective, even though they made the earth the size of a marble the distance between the sun and Neptune was still 12,000m in radius. This shows that all those diagrams of the solar system are horrifically wrong and they also show false colours orbits in circles not ellipsis and heaps of other things. This just shows how big the solar system is and my question is, how would the solar system work if the usual diagrams were accurate?

November 9

Space Reflection #4

This article was about how a company named spacex is willing to try and send people to mars and start a colonisation there.

The company spacex wants to send 100 people on a spaceship to mars using one main rocket and 3 gas refuelling rockets, but while doing this they say it will take 80 days to get to mars which is an incredibly fast time and it will have a very low cost per rocket not even breaking the $200,000 mark, which is a very low price. They man running the lecture was talking about how to get there how to start a colony and getting everyone there in the first place , but he forgot to mention health, food, water and oxygen; Which you cannot find that much of on mars. When he was talking about the fuel he said he will be using methane gas, on Wikipedia they said this is a very popular fuel and I knew that our farts contain a bit of methane, so it is some sort of natural gas from plants and food, etc. He is also using this gas because for the return journey he says that the people on mars can harvest methane gas from mars itself and use that as a fuel, but from what will he harvest this from? As you can see spacex is a high end company and is dealing with some pretty high tech stuff, but I wonder if this is a government supported company and if they are legally allowed to send these people to space and most likely die if this becomes a reality?

October 28

Space Reflection #3

This article was about how 3 years ago a meteor nearly hit Russia.

In 2013 a meteor nearly hit Russia, It was big and got far into the earth’s atmosphere, but the force was apparently 20X bigger than an atomic bomb, which is an unbelievable force because it didn’t even hit the ground and it got that much power from just falling, imagine if it actually hit the ground generating more force and making a MASSIVE explosion. Although it did not hit the earth’s crust  due to that it burned up before it could make contact with the ground. But what is the difference between meteors, meteorites, comets, etc. A comet is a chunk of ice and dust from the farther parts of the solar system; this is probably because it was very cold, but if comets are made of ice, where did the water come from? But although for some reason we call the hunks of metal that actually come in contact with our planet meteorites, instead of meteors; the one that don’t come in contact with out planet.

October 20

Space Reflection #2

This article was about mixed facts about the solar system and its planets.

The solar system is a series of objects that orbit the sun due to the means of gravity. The way that they suppose earth will end is when the sun burns out of energy, swelling up. This can either engulf earth entirely or just nearly completely melt the crust. That it will shrink down into a white dwarf and all the planets will depart from the suns orbit drifting away. Although on the internet I heard that it will swell up into a red giant star and the explode causing a supernova, or collapse on itself creating a black hole. Another interesting fact is that the sun makes up approximately 99.87% of the solar systems mass. This is a gigantic amount. And the earth doesn’t even take up all that much. It’s more of a tiny speck, with Jupiter taking up most of the remaining mass. If earth was created before the sun was created, what happened to the earth before it came part of the solar system and it started to orbit the sun?

October 13

Space Reflection #1

This Article, that can be found on my teachers ‘blog; antsclass. Is about how 3 different ancient civilisations discovered different things about astronomy.
There were 3 different civilisations that found out a few things about astronomy, Babylon, Maya and the Greeks. Babylon had discovered how to make such things as calendars and such, but I would also believe they created the system of how time works. An astrologer by the name of tamely that was born in Egypt while under the rule of the romans, discovered a system called the `Ptolemaic system`, which suggested that the earth was in the centre of the solar system which many believed, but now it is deemed false. Although he got a lot of his knowledge from a man called hiparcus. A question that I have and am sure a lot of other people have is how did they figure all this out in the ancient times, even if it was incorrect?

August 5

BTN-Haiti & Chile Earthquake-Comparison

In this BTN article it explained earthquakes, and especially, the Haiti and Chile earthquake, these both happened in 2 months of each other, but they had a lot of similarities and differences but I am going to compare them.

In 2 months span of each other 2 earthquakes had occurred, the Haiti and the Chile earthquake. They both had very different magnitudes, with the Chile Earthquake having a magnitude of 8.8 (this caused the earth’s rotation to change a bit, and caused a tsunami over the whole pacific), and the Haiti earthquake having a 7 magnitude quake. Magnitude is determined on the Richter scale, so every time the magnitude goes up by 1 the force generated goes up 30X. I will be comparing the Haiti and Chile earthquake from each other in many different ways. Firstly the Chile earthquake had a much higher magnitude which should have cause a lot more damage and deaths, although this only killed 500 people, and the Haiti earthquake having a lower magnitude should’ve killed less people, right?! But instead this earthquake killed over 250,000 people in total, which is 500X more deadly than the Chile Earthquake. So you might be asking yourself why this may have happened but what it all comes down to is the money that the country has, pretty simple. Haiti is a tiny island and isn’t as wealthy as Chile so it doesn’t have as many supplies to reinforce their building so they are built bad and made out of weak materials, naturally causing more deaths. But in Chile, they have more money, so they can pay more money for reinforcement, but another factor also lies, Chile is situated near the ring of fire, a pace prone to earthquakes, no naturally they would be spending more money on earthquakes than other natural disasters, so they would spend more money on it. Now with my opinion, I believe the earthquake that was worse is definitely the Haiti earthquake. Even though it caused less destruction, it kills far more people, and they are the most important thing. People/life is worth more than anything else and shouldn’t be compared to money and building, even though the Chile earthquake had more destruction and economic loss, the Haiti earthquake was far worse due to the lives lost.

July 21

BTN Seed Bank-Persuasive

I believe this is a very good use of money because it will prepare us for what happens next because we NEVER know what’s going to happen, NEVER. So I think it is always a great idea to have those extra backups and it’s not doing us any harm is it? And as it said we may use this in the case of natural disasters, global warming, war, pollution, etc. and this happens very often. So think about it for a minute, a worldwide nuclear outbreak happens, every country is getting bombed, Suddenly there Is no plant life remaining and your just left with dead radiated animals, but have no fear because the seed bank is here and you can start making crops and rebuilding a society, of course this is unlikely to happen, but ANYTHING can happen! And it can’t cost that much of the world wides approximately 80 Trillion dollars, can it?

July 17

BTN Voting

I believe that liberals should have won the election for one reason and one reason only, because they are focusing on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). I believe this is a great idea because it helps our world excel and in the end if you are an author or you do sports in the end that is not going to have a big effect on anything and with STEM it could solve many of the world’s problems that we are having (Natural Disaster, Global Warming, Overpopulation, etc.) Also what keeps our world going is money and jobs, and this is what the liberals is aiming for, because in the end, nothing else will matter.

June 13

BTN Bionic Boy

From birth Riley was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and it is affecting his life, so Jordan has made an invention to try and make it a whole lot better.

Riley has a disability called Cerebral Palsy and it affects him in a huge way, it restricts him from doing everyday deeds and task as well as having fun. He has so much trouble he has to have a computer that tracks his eye movements which then types into the machine which finally allows him or more accurately the computer to speak for him; they have used the eyes as the mechanism because it is one of his body parts that he can control well. And this mechanism probably led onto Jordan’s idea of making this device, It’s a machine that allows him to control technology around the room using his eyes using left, right, up and down, and they describe it as a form of telekinesis, through this new invention riley has successfully turned on a lightbulb and soon with more practise a lot more technology. But Riley wanted to drive a car, so after a whole lot more engineering their invention was created, he was using left and right to steer and up and down to what I imagine to brake and use the gas. Although this led onto other troubles so he had sensors that hit his arm, telling him that he is near something. With all this Riley successfully drove the car, and this begs a question, what else will Riley be able to control with his telekinesis.

May 31

BTN Cystic Fibrosis

In Australia and many other places there is a disease that is affecting many people’s lives every single hour of every single day.

There is a disease called CF or Cystic Fibrosis and it is affecting many people every day and 3,000 in Australia. It makes people have incapability and makes people bordered in one spot to some extent. It is a Genetic condition that affects the pancreas and lungs; it clogs the lungs with mucus which makes it harder for them to breathe and also traps bacteria in the mucus leading to many illnesses. This results in many hospitals trips and even if there is an illness with no symptoms than she stills needs to go to hospital. And a small cold to us can be very serious to her and possibly maybe life threatening. On top of the plenty of hospital trips she has to take a LOT of medication. With these patients, In the Pancreas (The area that breaks down fats) it doesn’t work properly therefore I suppose it doesn’t break down the fats (although what does it actually do?), so, Therefore she has to take more Medication. She also has to take extreme care with everything, she has to wash her hands very often and wear a filter mask to the hospital. Not only does this disease isolate people, it threatens their life and there is no cure, so this is why people are raising awareness of this terrible disease. Even though just a mucus clog may not look to harmful (that’s what I thought at first), if you think about it again and put yourself in their shoes this can be changing your life entirely.