December 11

100 Word Challenge-My Year

My year has been successful and bad

Stressful and sad

Although I fear

For high school is near

I have to leave here

For many could shed tears

We are leaving our friends

But hopefully this is not the end

But it’s time for us to ascend

And to attend

Our yearend

Graduation accommodation

It’s time for a transformation

The song is playing

And we are swaying

Our parents cheer

For the end of our primary school career

Without friends, our life will be dull and damp

It has been brightened by camp

But I’m ready for, primary school revamped

July 21

100 Word Challenge Week #1

Sunshine, Ice, Frightened, Purple, Flew

I was standing on the edge of the ice glacier with my friend, waiting for the sun to rise over the other glaciers of ice. I was very frightened that I was going to fall off the edge into the icy water and probably with my luck I will hit the only piece of ice in the whole ocean for all I know. A purple bird flew in the way of the inevitable sunrise, and behind it revealed the sunshine. Underneath our feet the ice was beginning to melt a tiny bit for this surprisingly hot day, we bot slipped and started falling down below.

June 9

100 Word Challenge Week #20

I was in the stables stroking my horse, buckling on the saddle and bridles, preparing it for a ride around the paddock. From the top floor I looked out the thatch window to see the town square crowded with people. But it all looked like clockwork, same movement from one place to the other by everyone. There was the palace as always standing tall, the walls strong ever and the watch towers, same old. I gazed at the city square as a whistle blew and everyone disappeared. Out in the distance there thousands of people full with spears and swords, and already huge stones were being hurled at the kingdom.

May 31

100 Word Challenge Week #20

I had always been a fan of cowboy movies, cowboy books, basically anything cowboy. They fascinated me; they were separated from all the vampires, steam punks and Zombies. They were modern but not quite. And that’s why I was sitting on the bench with my cowboy book, a worldwide classic, I suppose; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I was reading this book, waiting for my flight, when a man with a Moustache, White Tux, Hat, Boots and all of the above sat next to me, suddenly he turned to a metallic copper. I pulled down my glasses and blinked… It was just my imagination, taking over…?

May 25

100 Word Challenge Week #19

I was lying on the wooden bed in the cold room made completely out of stone bricks. My hands and feet were freezing, they were numb, I couldn’t feel them anymore. On the uncomfortable bed I dozed off, the only source of heat and light, a single candle… I heard perilous screams throughout the whole entire dungeon, screeching, Followed by footsteps thudding on the floor. It was the middle of the night, the stone pavement was cold and the iron bars were even colder. There was a creak of a door and a huge gust of wind, as the flame flickered and then it went out.

May 25

I Got This Hat-Simultaneous Reading


This was the one I was looking at the range of hats before me and one stuck out to me, the green fedora with ropes in German colours before me. Well the reason that I bought it was because of the German colours because I am half German. I was sitting at the cash register awkwardly with hands in my pockets. Even though it only cost $5 it was worth it. I wore it to school the next day, showing it off to everyone… But no everyone was impressed, more lass no one was impressed… It was a sad day.

May 19

100 Word Challenge Week #18

I woke up in the middle of the night, awakening at the door of a whole lot of thunder and lightning. In my orange pyjamas I slowly got up off my bed to see the destruction before me. The night was dark and you could hardly see in front of you, every single 100th of a second I heard the water banging on top of my roof. I walked to my bed still half asleep. Seeing the shadows of the rustling trees before me, suddenly there was silence.  I squinted outside to the sun and I thought I could swin in the flood the storm had made.

May 15

100 Word Challenge Week #17

The bombs had struck… I woke up in my bed, my head was queasy, and I was nauseous, nearly tumbling over every step. And I slumped back onto the floor losing consciousness. I regained my strength as I pulled myself off the floor. I slowly but surely walked outside, looking over the baron wasteland that Melbourne had been for years. There were no signs of life anywhere, nothing but dead ferns and dry dirt. I will always remember those torturous screams as we all saw our demise. There was flashing lights everywhere, and a ladder?! I ran towards it and climbed up… They have come…

May 4

100 Word Challenge Week #16

I had been at school; I was looking at the clock waiting for the time to pass by and for me to be able to have a lunch break. My face was blank, my life is terrible without my friend Lucy, and I love her. And she has gone to England for a year; I had to wait another month for her return. All the other periods passed by; Math, Humanities, woodwork and science went for the slowest time ever. I slowly hunched my back and walked home kicking the rocks on my way. But suddenly I saw Lucy at my doorstep

May 2

100 Word Challenge Week #15

There were 6 bins all lined up in a row at the pier, they were all new serving different purposes. Then there was one last bin to the left of all the other bins, and this one practically served all purposes. No body used that bin; everybody used the other bins because of their different unique functionalities. The bin to the left had literally no value to anyone. At midnight, some teenage vandals came and sprayed graffiti on nearly all the bins. In the morning the local council fixed up all bins except for the 7th which was exported and dumped in the landfill.