December 12

BTN Solar System

This article was about how the people that draw diagrams about space have it terribly disproportioned.

In this video they said that if they find out a few ratios and proportioned them down to a particular size. When they did this they sized the earth down to a marble. And the sun 1.22m across the did this because the this sun was the same size of the sun in the sky from our perspective, even though they made the earth the size of a marble the distance between the sun and Neptune was still 12,000m in radius. This shows that all those diagrams of the solar system are horrifically wrong and they also show false colours orbits in circles not ellipsis and heaps of other things. This just shows how big the solar system is and my question is, how would the solar system work if the usual diagrams were accurate?

December 11

100 Word Challenge-My Year

My year has been successful and bad

Stressful and sad

Although I fear

For high school is near

I have to leave here

For many could shed tears

We are leaving our friends

But hopefully this is not the end

But it’s time for us to ascend

And to attend

Our yearend

Graduation accommodation

It’s time for a transformation

The song is playing

And we are swaying

Our parents cheer

For the end of our primary school career

Without friends, our life will be dull and damp

It has been brightened by camp

But I’m ready for, primary school revamped