November 9

Space Reflection #4

This article was about how a company named spacex is willing to try and send people to mars and start a colonisation there.

The company spacex wants to send 100 people on a spaceship to mars using one main rocket and 3 gas refuelling rockets, but while doing this they say it will take 80 days to get to mars which is an incredibly fast time and it will have a very low cost per rocket not even breaking the $200,000 mark, which is a very low price. They man running the lecture was talking about how to get there how to start a colony and getting everyone there in the first place , but he forgot to mention health, food, water and oxygen; Which you cannot find that much of on mars. When he was talking about the fuel he said he will be using methane gas, on Wikipedia they said this is a very popular fuel and I knew that our farts contain a bit of methane, so it is some sort of natural gas from plants and food, etc. He is also using this gas because for the return journey he says that the people on mars can harvest methane gas from mars itself and use that as a fuel, but from what will he harvest this from? As you can see spacex is a high end company and is dealing with some pretty high tech stuff, but I wonder if this is a government supported company and if they are legally allowed to send these people to space and most likely die if this becomes a reality?

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