October 28

Space Reflection #3


This article was about how 3 years ago a meteor nearly hit Russia.

In 2013 a meteor nearly hit Russia, It was big and got far into the earth’s atmosphere, but the force was apparently 20X bigger than an atomic bomb, which is an unbelievable force because it didn’t even hit the ground and it got that much power from just falling, imagine if it actually hit the ground generating more force and making a MASSIVE explosion. Although it did not hit the earth’s crust  due to that it burned up before it could make contact with the ground. But what is the difference between meteors, meteorites, comets, etc. A comet is a chunk of ice and dust from the farther parts of the solar system; this is probably because it was very cold, but if comets are made of ice, where did the water come from? But although for some reason we call the hunks of metal that actually come in contact with our planet meteorites, instead of meteors; the one that don’t come in contact with out planet.

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