October 20

Space Reflection #2

This article was about mixed facts about the solar system and its planets.

The solar system is a series of objects that orbit the sun due to the means of gravity. The way that they suppose earth will end is when the sun burns out of energy, swelling up. This can either engulf earth entirely or just nearly completely melt the crust. That it will shrink down into a white dwarf and all the planets will depart from the suns orbit drifting away. Although on the internet I heard that it will swell up into a red giant star and the explode causing a supernova, or collapse on itself creating a black hole. Another interesting fact is that the sun makes up approximately 99.87% of the solar systems mass. This is a gigantic amount. And the earth doesn’t even take up all that much. It’s more of a tiny speck, with Jupiter taking up most of the remaining mass. If earth was created before the sun was created, what happened to the earth before it came part of the solar system and it started to orbit the sun?

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