October 3

Goals I have Achieved and Where to Next

I have not learnt about ratios and scales and also how to find out the area of a curved shape due to the fact that I haven’t been taught them during class time. But what I did learn was how to convert from fractions, decimals and percentage when I was learning in class and also revision from last year. I didn’t learn about sound and the human body but on the up side we did learn about natural disasters another area of science and we learnt that through our integrated studies unit through making an information text. We didn’t have a topic on history so we didn’t learn about history nor did we work all that much on narratives for unknown reasons.

Due to the fact that our topic this term is about space, something I would like to improve on in the future is; a lot of random facts about space, because I don’t know all that much about space at the moment, I can’t really say what I would like to learn about, I would like to learn about anything really. I would also like to revise bidmas and do some pretty tricky equations. I also find shapes and angles would be very interesting so I would like to learn about that, and finally I would like to learn to make a map which I think my teacher said we were doing.

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