August 5

BTN-Haiti & Chile Earthquake-Comparison

In this BTN article it explained earthquakes, and especially, the Haiti and Chile earthquake, these both happened in 2 months of each other, but they had a lot of similarities and differences but I am going to compare them.

In 2 months span of each other 2 earthquakes had occurred, the Haiti and the Chile earthquake. They both had very different magnitudes, with the Chile Earthquake having a magnitude of 8.8 (this caused the earth’s rotation to change a bit, and caused a tsunami over the whole pacific), and the Haiti earthquake having a 7 magnitude quake. Magnitude is determined on the Richter scale, so every time the magnitude goes up by 1 the force generated goes up 30X. I will be comparing the Haiti and Chile earthquake from each other in many different ways. Firstly the Chile earthquake had a much higher magnitude which should have cause a lot more damage and deaths, although this only killed 500 people, and the Haiti earthquake having a lower magnitude should’ve killed less people, right?! But instead this earthquake killed over 250,000 people in total, which is 500X more deadly than the Chile Earthquake. So you might be asking yourself why this may have happened but what it all comes down to is the money that the country has, pretty simple. Haiti is a tiny island and isn’t as wealthy as Chile so it doesn’t have as many supplies to reinforce their building so they are built bad and made out of weak materials, naturally causing more deaths. But in Chile, they have more money, so they can pay more money for reinforcement, but another factor also lies, Chile is situated near the ring of fire, a pace prone to earthquakes, no naturally they would be spending more money on earthquakes than other natural disasters, so they would spend more money on it. Now with my opinion, I believe the earthquake that was worse is definitely the Haiti earthquake. Even though it caused less destruction, it kills far more people, and they are the most important thing. People/life is worth more than anything else and shouldn’t be compared to money and building, even though the Chile earthquake had more destruction and economic loss, the Haiti earthquake was far worse due to the lives lost.

August 4

Principal Day Poem

Principal Day Poem

We know she can pay the tax

But we don’t know if she can play the sax

We don’t know what she plays

But we all know that it’s OK

She may have a case of dismay

But she doesn’t let that get in her way

No matter what she may say

She comes back every day

Even though this is only halfway

But what do we always say?

Rebecca’s coming back today!