June 24

Science Lab Report Reflection


For year 6 standards the goals that I have chosen include; exploring reversible (Freezing, Melting etc.) and irreversible changes (Burning, Rusting etc.) And also how when doing science altogether you have to use predictions and gather data and using that evidence to make explanations of events. And for year 5 & 6 standards I chose; to plan appropriate investigation methods to solve problems and answer questions. And also describe which variable should be changed in fair tests and accurately observe, measure and record data, using digital technology when appropriate. This term I have learnt about the 5 states of matter because I didn’t know about the state of plasma and Bose Einstein Condensate, which was very interesting. I also learnt about how the particles move in the 5 states of matter and the properties of other materials within the 5 states of matter. A molecule consists of a nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons and electrons travelling around it, and also consisting of elements of the periodic table to make certain elements. How properties influence us how we use certain things in certain ways. I also learnt that D=M/V which is very useful when working out scientific explanations. We also investigated melting and we conducted an experiment with variables to test this, we put cloth around frozen milk and hoped it would melt faster but cloth insulates the head coming from our body, but the frozen milk doesn’t have heat so it insulated the cold. Then we did a lesson on Deposition & Sublimation where I learnt about what deposition & Sublimation is and we found some examples of this and that sublimation is solid to gas and deposition is gas to solid. Then we learnt how Bicarbonate & Vinegar mix and this is the chemical equation; NaHCO3+HC2H3O2àNaC2H3O2+H2O+CO2 which are SodiumHydrogenCarbonDioxide3+HydrogenCarbon2Hydrogen3Oxygen2àSodiumCarbon2Hydrogen3Oxygen2+Hydrogen2Oxygen+CarbonDioxide, but what actually happens there is a whole other story and I got proof I understand it in my Goal Reflection. We also learnt about Rust so we soaked steel wool cloth in vinegar to act as a catalyst the rusting, rust occurs when steel is with oxygen and sodium speeds up this process, the stuff in vinegar, The chemical equation is Fe+O2àFeO2 which is Iron + OxygenàFerrous Oxide Rust. Then at Mt. Alexander College we did plenty of experiments that are documented in my book which would make this introduction unnecessarily longer. Then I learnt A LOT more from the other presentation from other kids and my presentations.







What I Achieved

During this term I have achieved have achieved a basic understanding of states of matter and how they work, throughout this unit I have learnt a lot and I understood it all. I have learnt about reversible and irreversible changes and this linking into physical and chemical changes. And I already knew that hypothesis, observations and evidence play a big part in your explanation but with this experiment I polished that off. I did use appropriate methods to solve problems and answering questions by simply conducting and experiment. We have tried to use different appropriate variables by trying to come up with 3 very different materials and this is an accomplishment, and I accurately observed data and measured it, but using digital technology I couldn’t really do because of our experiment wasn’t linked into graphs so it made it hard to use digital technology.  How I learnt about states of matter, reversible irreversible changes, physical and chemical changes, and all the extra fun stuff in between was with the lessons with Antony and the Mt. Alexander College Excursion.  Although how I learnt observations and hypothesis help with explanations, appropriate methods to solve problems, good variables and careful observations was from our research how and when we conducted our experiment and when we conducted our experiment. Although how I achieved the point in the rubric:Scientific Lab Report Rubric and it all happened in there:Scientific Lab Report but to recap we think we accomplished above expectations for planning and experiment and expected for the presentation.

Ways I Can Improve

Possible ways that I can improve from in this particular experiment is maybe make the presentation better because we had all the facts we just couldn’t share them with the classmates in an orderly fashion, and it was kind of boring and would’ve made the audience disengaged to fix this we could try to grab the audience’s attention with visuals. I could also research a bit more on the top and have more curiosity, like to explain more because something that happened in our experiment happened was the honey cube weighed more than the paint cube even though the paint sunk faster than the honey and this shows I could’ve found out a reason for this. But I thought of facts were good and the lab report was perfect.

What I Learnt About Science

I learnt that in science scientists have to make sure they are precise with all their measurements and their observations,  to make sure everything is correct and not flawed so they get a fair experiment and showing what actually happens. If they make a mistake then they have to do it all again and they have to make sure everything’s fair. So they get the exact result, basically they have to be EXACT & PRECISE.



What I Learnt About the Way That I Work

I learnt that the way that I work is that I work a lot on research and preparation but not all that much on presentation, which makes it hard to present. I also like to have a lot of research in my lab report and if there are any weird things that happen I am always curious and try to find out why. I can also drift off and sit there for a few minutes and not think about the task and maybe do something else and I don’t know why?

Goals in My Report

This really helped me achieve my goals in my report because mostly it was a science based goals and I am looking forward to the next 2 terms because they are all science based and I LOVE science and it’s my favourite subject apart from maths.