June 15

Prepared Speech Reflection

When preparing this speech I had no real difficulties, I already knew quite a bit about this topic from last year and I got opinion from other people. This speech was a matter of a lot of research and I coped with that very well I believe. Although a difficulty I did face was including all my important information and being able to fit it in to the time limit, and I am the sort of person that wants to go BIG, so naturally I tried to fit all of it. Also wording everything in an elegant matter and trying to make everyone understand the science was hard as well.

I think the strong points of my prepared speech was that I had a lot of research in it and that did the purpose of what a prepared speech is, to educate, and I think I did that very well, but this ended up with making more difficulties as well. I also I think I got fairly close to my time limit I got 2:40 and if I was aiming or 3:00 (which I was told I could do) or 2:00 (which was the average time limit). I had an average/adequate eye contact and my structure was good and my introduction was good although could’ve explained the science better and my conclusion clearly summarised all my points.

Although some things I can do to improve next time is that I can talk a lot a bit slower (I talked fast because of the length of the speech and the research), I could incorporate more public speaking strategies like transcendence, alliteration, etc. And I could also be a bit more enthusiastic and gripping to the audience. Like 100% I was enthusiastic about the topic but I can’t express that. And what I mean by gripping the audience is getting their attention so they listen and learn every single bit. And also something that may have happened is that I had TOO much research and not enough of what we’re trying to practise, public speaking, (Information was the majority and public speaking was the MinorityàInformation>Public Speaking). And I could’ve practised a bit more even though I thought it was fairly good it could’ve been better and I could’ve definitely of done that. And something else that was suggested to me was making props and graphs/tables which would’ve been good for my speech but I never thought of it and I can definitely do it next time.

5 Things that I thought I had done well was my research because it was most of my speech and I went very in depth into the facts and explained them, and there were a lot of facts that people may’ve had trouble getting their head around. I think I had practised fairly well, being able to speak the speech clearly but obviously it had to go fast as I explained before. I think my eye contact was adequate but not the best but I looked at everyone not just Antony and I did it often but I think that little bit more practise would’ve made it much better. I think I got fairly to very close to the time limit and this is always a good sign to a well-balanced, practised and structured speech. And finally my introduction & Conclusion was ace.

3 Things that you should avoid in public speaking is move from side to side from one foot to the other because this shows you’re nervous or unsure of something which will make people think of the speech a different way, but if you stand still people will think you’re confident ready to go and won’t even know if you are having difficulties or not. You should avoid having big cue cards that are hard to handle and you shouldn’t have them saying your whole speech but just a brief summary of each paragraph. And leave the cue cards down not right up in your face. Personally what I hate when someone makes a speech is when people pause, to look at the cue cards, put up a prop or they just forgot something because this affects it hugely, like if you’re stuck on a word but then you repeat the sentence or something, this just gets the audience even more confused about what’s going on in the speech.

The next time I present something I will try to evenly balance my speech form public speaking and Information because this speech was unbalanced and had much more information that the actual strategies of public speaking. I will also try to practise the speech more beforehand so I don’t have to look down a lot and it will make my speaking more fluent and ongoing. Lastly I would like to make better cue cards, make them a good reasonable size make them about of cardboard paper and hand-written and also I won’t put my whole speech on them, just a summary of each paragraph and practise will help hugely with that.

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  1. saad

    hi Anton
    just answering your question i know its really late but. well i play forward strike and luckily we won the finals like ronaldo (CR7) unluckily i didn’t score the winning goal (but scored like ronaldo CR7) you cant have everything

    1. anton2013 (Post author)

      Why Hello Saad,
      You must be on the complete other hemisphere right about now because at the moment you sent that comment to me it was early in the morning. But to be completely honest I don’t know what you mean by `Forward Strike`. I read your comment on Antony’s blog and I think you would be going fine in year 6 and good luck on you report. 🙂


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