June 13

BTN Bionic Boy


From birth Riley was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and it is affecting his life, so Jordan has made an invention to try and make it a whole lot better.

Riley has a disability called Cerebral Palsy and it affects him in a huge way, it restricts him from doing everyday deeds and task as well as having fun. He has so much trouble he has to have a computer that tracks his eye movements which then types into the machine which finally allows him or more accurately the computer to speak for him; they have used the eyes as the mechanism because it is one of his body parts that he can control well. And this mechanism probably led onto Jordan’s idea of making this device, It’s a machine that allows him to control technology around the room using his eyes using left, right, up and down, and they describe it as a form of telekinesis, through this new invention riley has successfully turned on a lightbulb and soon with more practise a lot more technology. But Riley wanted to drive a car, so after a whole lot more engineering their invention was created, he was using left and right to steer and up and down to what I imagine to brake and use the gas. Although this led onto other troubles so he had sensors that hit his arm, telling him that he is near something. With all this Riley successfully drove the car, and this begs a question, what else will Riley be able to control with his telekinesis.