May 31

BTN Cystic Fibrosis

In Australia and many other places there is a disease that is affecting many people’s lives every single hour of every single day.

There is a disease called CF or Cystic Fibrosis and it is affecting many people every day and 3,000 in Australia. It makes people have incapability and makes people bordered in one spot to some extent. It is a Genetic condition that affects the pancreas and lungs; it clogs the lungs with mucus which makes it harder for them to breathe and also traps bacteria in the mucus leading to many illnesses. This results in many hospitals trips and even if there is an illness with no symptoms than she stills needs to go to hospital. And a small cold to us can be very serious to her and possibly maybe life threatening. On top of the plenty of hospital trips she has to take a LOT of medication. With these patients, In the Pancreas (The area that breaks down fats) it doesn’t work properly therefore I suppose it doesn’t break down the fats (although what does it actually do?), so, Therefore she has to take more Medication. She also has to take extreme care with everything, she has to wash her hands very often and wear a filter mask to the hospital. Not only does this disease isolate people, it threatens their life and there is no cure, so this is why people are raising awareness of this terrible disease. Even though just a mucus clog may not look to harmful (that’s what I thought at first), if you think about it again and put yourself in their shoes this can be changing your life entirely.

May 31

100 Word Challenge Week #20

I had always been a fan of cowboy movies, cowboy books, basically anything cowboy. They fascinated me; they were separated from all the vampires, steam punks and Zombies. They were modern but not quite. And that’s why I was sitting on the bench with my cowboy book, a worldwide classic, I suppose; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I was reading this book, waiting for my flight, when a man with a Moustache, White Tux, Hat, Boots and all of the above sat next to me, suddenly he turned to a metallic copper. I pulled down my glasses and blinked… It was just my imagination, taking over…?