May 22

BTN Ivory Harvest

In Africa and more places around the world there are elephants and elephants have ivory. This costs a lot, so therefore these poor creatures are getting slaughtered for their tusks.

Ivory is an expensive material and people around the world, most commonly from Asia and china have been using this material for things like jewellery and sculptures for many years and is also a sign of wealth, so, elephants are getting killed for this reason, just for the tusks. The government has tried many ways to stop elephants getting killed for their ivory, so they took a way out for the first time but this sparked another problem. They have banned ivory for trading worldwide, while this made the demand for ivory lower this attracted poachers (People that kill and animal to sell a part of it) and in this case, the ivory. And now they have to come up with another counter to the poaching problem. So in Naobi National Park they decided to burn 100 tonnes of elephant tusk, or ivory which is like 100 million dollars of ivory, and that is a lot of elephant deaths. This was meant to send a message through Africa and the whole world that they do NOT TOLERATE POACHING! They did this to grab their attention by doing something spectacular! There are over 500,000 elephants in Africa and each year 25,000-30,000 elephants die to mostly poaching, people have many reasons to why this should not happen like; an alive elephant is worth MUCH more than a dead one. People believe that the burning initiative would make it worse because the ivory would be rarer and therefore more expensive, which I believe is not true. And also that we could set up ivory farms to take down the law and stop poaching and the killing of elephant’s altogether which I believe is a great idea. When and if they do set up a farm will they kill or tranquilise and harvest the tusks from the elephants?

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