May 15

BTN Fossil Fuels

We have been using fossil fuels as a source of energy for years and now we’re facing multiple problems that could change this forever.

Our world has been running on power, and power has to be made, by something. So, because of the convenience of how ice is less dense than water and we have such thing as an o-zone layer, we also have something called; fossil fuels, these include coal, oil and gas. Over hundreds of millions of years ago there were dinosaurs, and when they all died mysteriously, they sunk to the bottom of the ocean and so forth, and what came from these animals was carbon, something we all have. Fossil fuels are all made from carbon, and what turns the carbon into fossil fuels and the different types is a mixture of; time, pressure and heat. With moderation all this carbon with these other ingredients created fossil fuels, with different amounts leading to either, gas, oil and coal. The reason we used fossil fuels because they were cheap and powerful to use, and our whole world is built upon it. The fossil fuels pollute the land, resulting in bad climate and extreme weather and also sea levels rising. We are also running out of fossil fuels to use and it takes much over 1 million years to create, so they got us at a checkmate. Due to this 7 major countries have decided to change to a different power source. Maybe it might be wind, nuclear or solar, which one will it be? I believe that if we change we will run on nuclear or solar, because nuclear gives a lot of power fast and will be semi-eco-safe. While solar is eco-safe but will give out spurts of energy from the sun and will be a long term project. But wind I think would not provide enough power and will take a long time to build a sufficient source of power. Although is there any other power sources we could use?

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