May 31

BTN Cystic Fibrosis

In Australia and many other places there is a disease that is affecting many people’s lives every single hour of every single day.

There is a disease called CF or Cystic Fibrosis and it is affecting many people every day and 3,000 in Australia. It makes people have incapability and makes people bordered in one spot to some extent. It is a Genetic condition that affects the pancreas and lungs; it clogs the lungs with mucus which makes it harder for them to breathe and also traps bacteria in the mucus leading to many illnesses. This results in many hospitals trips and even if there is an illness with no symptoms than she stills needs to go to hospital. And a small cold to us can be very serious to her and possibly maybe life threatening. On top of the plenty of hospital trips she has to take a LOT of medication. With these patients, In the Pancreas (The area that breaks down fats) it doesn’t work properly therefore I suppose it doesn’t break down the fats (although what does it actually do?), so, Therefore she has to take more Medication. She also has to take extreme care with everything, she has to wash her hands very often and wear a filter mask to the hospital. Not only does this disease isolate people, it threatens their life and there is no cure, so this is why people are raising awareness of this terrible disease. Even though just a mucus clog may not look to harmful (that’s what I thought at first), if you think about it again and put yourself in their shoes this can be changing your life entirely.

May 31

100 Word Challenge Week #20

I had always been a fan of cowboy movies, cowboy books, basically anything cowboy. They fascinated me; they were separated from all the vampires, steam punks and Zombies. They were modern but not quite. And that’s why I was sitting on the bench with my cowboy book, a worldwide classic, I suppose; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I was reading this book, waiting for my flight, when a man with a Moustache, White Tux, Hat, Boots and all of the above sat next to me, suddenly he turned to a metallic copper. I pulled down my glasses and blinked… It was just my imagination, taking over…?

May 25

100 Word Challenge Week #19

I was lying on the wooden bed in the cold room made completely out of stone bricks. My hands and feet were freezing, they were numb, I couldn’t feel them anymore. On the uncomfortable bed I dozed off, the only source of heat and light, a single candle… I heard perilous screams throughout the whole entire dungeon, screeching, Followed by footsteps thudding on the floor. It was the middle of the night, the stone pavement was cold and the iron bars were even colder. There was a creak of a door and a huge gust of wind, as the flame flickered and then it went out.

May 25

My Semester Goals and Future Goals

My Goals for This Semester:

I wanted to learn about how to determine ratios and scales and also how to find out the area of a curved shape. I also wanted to learn anything to do with science. To achieve these goals I could always ask anyone for help, I could put down every single note precisely so I remember them better and can always come back to them. I will not give up on anything that I do and I will always try hard on the subject. And I could think things through so I understand it more (like Thinking about thinking).

Here’s my reflection on my semester 1 goals:

I have not achieved trying to neither determine ratios and scales nor have achieved how to find out the area of a curved shape although I have an idea of it, but I am sure that later in the year we will learn about these. I have learnt a lot about science since our topic in term 2 was about the 3 states of matter which is under chemistry which is under science. And I have used all the strategies I set for myself like detailed note-taking, trying hard, asking for help and thinking about thinking.

And here’s My Future Goals for Semester 2:

I would like to learn about ratios and scales, how to find out the area of a curved shape and also how to convert between percentage, decimals and fractions. I also want to learn about how sound decibels work and also in the area of science a basics of how the human body works and especially how the brain works, stuff like what triggers emotions. I may like to work on a certain bit of key history in one term but not necessarily Australian history and lastly strategies used in narrative writing.

May 25

I Got This Hat-Simultaneous Reading


This was the one I was looking at the range of hats before me and one stuck out to me, the green fedora with ropes in German colours before me. Well the reason that I bought it was because of the German colours because I am half German. I was sitting at the cash register awkwardly with hands in my pockets. Even though it only cost $5 it was worth it. I wore it to school the next day, showing it off to everyone… But no everyone was impressed, more lass no one was impressed… It was a sad day.

May 22

BTN Ivory Harvest

In Africa and more places around the world there are elephants and elephants have ivory. This costs a lot, so therefore these poor creatures are getting slaughtered for their tusks.

Ivory is an expensive material and people around the world, most commonly from Asia and china have been using this material for things like jewellery and sculptures for many years and is also a sign of wealth, so, elephants are getting killed for this reason, just for the tusks. The government has tried many ways to stop elephants getting killed for their ivory, so they took a way out for the first time but this sparked another problem. They have banned ivory for trading worldwide, while this made the demand for ivory lower this attracted poachers (People that kill and animal to sell a part of it) and in this case, the ivory. And now they have to come up with another counter to the poaching problem. So in Naobi National Park they decided to burn 100 tonnes of elephant tusk, or ivory which is like 100 million dollars of ivory, and that is a lot of elephant deaths. This was meant to send a message through Africa and the whole world that they do NOT TOLERATE POACHING! They did this to grab their attention by doing something spectacular! There are over 500,000 elephants in Africa and each year 25,000-30,000 elephants die to mostly poaching, people have many reasons to why this should not happen like; an alive elephant is worth MUCH more than a dead one. People believe that the burning initiative would make it worse because the ivory would be rarer and therefore more expensive, which I believe is not true. And also that we could set up ivory farms to take down the law and stop poaching and the killing of elephant’s altogether which I believe is a great idea. When and if they do set up a farm will they kill or tranquilise and harvest the tusks from the elephants?

May 19

100 Word Challenge Week #18

I woke up in the middle of the night, awakening at the door of a whole lot of thunder and lightning. In my orange pyjamas I slowly got up off my bed to see the destruction before me. The night was dark and you could hardly see in front of you, every single 100th of a second I heard the water banging on top of my roof. I walked to my bed still half asleep. Seeing the shadows of the rustling trees before me, suddenly there was silence.  I squinted outside to the sun and I thought I could swin in the flood the storm had made.

May 15

100 Word Challenge Week #17

The bombs had struck… I woke up in my bed, my head was queasy, and I was nauseous, nearly tumbling over every step. And I slumped back onto the floor losing consciousness. I regained my strength as I pulled myself off the floor. I slowly but surely walked outside, looking over the baron wasteland that Melbourne had been for years. There were no signs of life anywhere, nothing but dead ferns and dry dirt. I will always remember those torturous screams as we all saw our demise. There was flashing lights everywhere, and a ladder?! I ran towards it and climbed up… They have come…

May 15

BTN Fossil Fuels

We have been using fossil fuels as a source of energy for years and now we’re facing multiple problems that could change this forever.

Our world has been running on power, and power has to be made, by something. So, because of the convenience of how ice is less dense than water and we have such thing as an o-zone layer, we also have something called; fossil fuels, these include coal, oil and gas. Over hundreds of millions of years ago there were dinosaurs, and when they all died mysteriously, they sunk to the bottom of the ocean and so forth, and what came from these animals was carbon, something we all have. Fossil fuels are all made from carbon, and what turns the carbon into fossil fuels and the different types is a mixture of; time, pressure and heat. With moderation all this carbon with these other ingredients created fossil fuels, with different amounts leading to either, gas, oil and coal. The reason we used fossil fuels because they were cheap and powerful to use, and our whole world is built upon it. The fossil fuels pollute the land, resulting in bad climate and extreme weather and also sea levels rising. We are also running out of fossil fuels to use and it takes much over 1 million years to create, so they got us at a checkmate. Due to this 7 major countries have decided to change to a different power source. Maybe it might be wind, nuclear or solar, which one will it be? I believe that if we change we will run on nuclear or solar, because nuclear gives a lot of power fast and will be semi-eco-safe. While solar is eco-safe but will give out spurts of energy from the sun and will be a long term project. But wind I think would not provide enough power and will take a long time to build a sufficient source of power. Although is there any other power sources we could use?

May 9

BTN Dragon Boating

Apart from all the rest of the sports there is dragon boating, this is a sport like kayaking but a bit different

Dragon boating originated in china this can be inferred because of the dragon head at the front. When doing dragon boating there’s a drummer that keeps the boat in beat when they paddle, there’s a sweeper that steers the boat and there can be up to 20 paddlers. In my opinion I think this sport is not very common because of the lack of my knowledge about it. This sport is a bit more fierce and fast that most boat like races. What are the differences between dragon boating and kyaking/canoeing.