April 26

First Term Topic Reflection

Throughout this term I have learnt many things about the government and also I have done a lot of revision. When I made my goals at the start of the term I had a lot I needed to know and I am fairly certain that I have achieved every last one of my goals. I have learnt that Australia’s nature of democracy affected how Australia developed as a federation and how Australia’s democratic system led to them ending up being a federation. I have learnt that Australia has 3 levels of government; the federal, the state and the local, each of these levels of government do their own thing such as; federal takes care of things like tax, immigration, war, etc. The state government takes care of things like schools, hospitals, police, roads, etc. while the local government handles things like sports grounds, dog control, signs, waste disposal, etc. I have learnt about Australia’s federal parliamentary system and key democratic principles and values, Australia’s parliamentary system works under 2 or 3 things; The House Of Representatives, The Senate (and possibly the queen because you may group the queen and senate together). Parliament is where laws are made using a representative democracy for the Senate and a democracy for the House of Representatives. In the House of Representatives there is the Government, the Opposition, the Greens and independents. The government is the party with the majority of seats due to election and the opposition is the rivalling party that had lost the election. The greens are a minor party normally choose a side they want to go on but they don’t always have to agree with their decisions but normally do, and the independents can vote for whatever they want. The government at the moment is Liberal and Labour is the opposition, Liberal running under a coalition and Labour a minority. In the House of Representatives                               the laws are first thought of by the cabinet made up of the prime minister and a few other important ministers, these are called bills. This bill goes to the H.O.R and the clerk reads it a first time this is a 1st reading. Later the minister that had come up with the bill states his reasoning for the bill, therefore this is the Ministers Speech. Then and adjournment happens when the parties get time to think about if they are going to vote for or against the bill. Then a committee of experts from the public gather info on the bill this is obviously called a committee. Then a 2nd Reading debate happens on the bill, the Government, the opposition and the minor parties states their opinions and arguments on the bill and it is voted on, this decides if a 2nd reading should happen or not. If it passes then the clerk does a 2nd reading. The members of parliament discuss the main idea of the bill and they improve the bill and any amendments, this is the consideration in detail. The clerk does a 3rd reading on the improved bill and it is transferred to the senate. The senate is more of a double-checker on the bill. In the senate a 1st reading is read by the clerk and another committee happens, same as in the House of Representatives. Then again a 2nd reading debate is announced and they argue and vote on the bill. If passed a 2nd reading is read by the clerk and a community of whole happens when the House of Representatives and the Senate gather evidence and check if the bill is in a good state for the Governor-General. Finally the clerk does a 3rd reading. It is given to the Governor-General and he chooses to give it a Royal Assent which he/she normally does and this is now called an act of parliament to later become a law. At school we rein acted most of the process of the House of Representatives. Although in our role-play it was very calm but in the actual parliament I know that it is very hectic. The upmost leaders were the government but the most important was the independent. With the role-play what the government voted for, won the vote. We also learnt that the clerk does nothing but read the bill and the speaker runs the debate, calling upon people at the correct time. Also that if you were elected for government if the greens and/or the independents are in the government side then they can easily manipulate you to be in cabinet, so in my opinion the independents and minor parties are the most powerful. We also learnt how democracy was implemented into parliament by voting and what system/democratic process they use. The actions that individuals and governments take to resolve the issue really depends on the severity of the issue. If it’s more of a smaller issues maybe individuals take care of that but not all individuals take care of small issues some individuals take care of giant issues but once resolved once normally it just happens again. More or less the same with the government they can solve problems and make them stick but not all problems. As such governments can make wars or defend a war but you/the government can’t just stop a war immediately nor can you/the government stop wars happening, which leads the government to sometimes stop wars by fighting back. But once again the governments can take care of problems like immigration defence, foreign affairs, justice & customs, trade, taxation, communications, agriculture, fisheries & forestry, industry, tourism & resources, etc. while individuals take care of local or state problems like health & hospitals, schools & education, employment & training, transport & roads, police & justice, emergency services. But the Government can force it but individuals can ask for it/argue for it. Over the past term I have learnt this information and much more through lessons, apps, excursions, websites, Prior knowledge, other people and most of all, hard work. Throughout this term I think that I had been very successful with my knowledge yet even though 1000 words from this point I haven’t yet told you all that I had learnt this term. I think that all of the goals that I have chosen were good goals to get me to the point of knowledge that I am at now. Throughout this term I have worked hard and I was determined, I wanted to get the job done but without forgetting all the knowledge. I think that I have taken a lot of notes for me to remember my learning and all my goals helped me get to the point I am now, in my knowledge, of the government.

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2 thoughts on “First Term Topic Reflection

  1. antsclass

    WOW Anton, this insightful and extensive reflection is just like everything you do these days- you are constantly pushing yourself to higher and higher standards, an excellent attitude which will set you up perfectly for high school. Your enthusiasm you showed while learning this unit was clear and is obvious in this wonderful reflection.
    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. tiia2014

    wow anton amazzing work i really liked your reflection that is a heck of alot of words and i enjjoied this topic did you i think you did i think that you covered everything is emense detail wow i cant belive that you arnt school captain with talent like this wow!


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