April 23

BTN Nuclear Power


South Australia is looking in to using nuclear power as a source of energy.

From the 1930’s to the 1940’s people were on the hunt for power until a few scientists found out about how atoms can be used for power, they found out that if they fire a neutron into a radioactive material like uranium the molecule made up of the atoms split in 2 generating heat which releases steam that spins turbines and makes electricity or nuclear power, from this I can take that we are using nuclear power very similarly to power In the old days, say for, There is a water wheel it generates power by spinning because of water that generates power with what I believe is magnets, this is exactly the same with nuclear power except with steam. Australia is the only g-20 nation that has not been using nuclear energy yet even though they have 1/3 of the world uranium probably because they have been holding onto it but there are reasons we are hesitant of trying this. Because it’s very dangerous because it’s harnessing radiation, something that kill over time and lingers over time in places making them inhabitable, and that there is a waste leftover that also emits radiation. And these power stations have blown up or malfunctioned and killed many people. And the damage the atoms splitting can also make nuclear bombs and nuclear weapons. But this can be a very good future project since uranium atoms harness a lot of potential for power. I have watched a video on this about how S.A is now starting discuss storing nuclear waste and I want to know why it took that long? If a nuclear power plant were to be established were would it most likely be?

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