April 17

BTN Gravitational Waves


This article was about how scientists had figured out about gravitational waves in space, which is a huge step in our progression to unfold the mysteries of the universe.

Just now, scientists have proven that there are gravitational waves in space, a theory first mad by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago. His theory was that if a big event happened in space like a star exploding, it would send a ripple of gravity throughout space, like a pebble falling into water except much, much bigger. The reason it was so hard to detect these waves is that that they were too weak to feel or see. Although a team of 1,000 scientists made 2 giant detectors in the US which had cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. Rainer Whice had suggested this idea in 1972 and it has taken them since then to complete the project. Finally right now all that work gave them a tiny bleep confirming that gravitational waves exist, this gravitational wave was made by 2 black holes colliding more than 1 billion light years away. We at the moment use stuff like; light, radio waves, micro waves, x-rays and gamma rays, now that we know about gravitational waves they show a lot of promise to discover more secrets of the universe and opens up another perspective on different things this also widens our possibilities for new technology once we learn how to use gravitational waves. From this text I figured out how strong some events in space can be, I believe that 1 billion light years is very far away and 2 black holes will make a very big explosion or something but I am surprised that we heard that from a billion lights years away, and this just shows me how fast humanity is advancing if we will be able to harness the ability of using ripples of gravity in space as a power source or tool. If we can use gravitational waves to our advantage then what new technology will we be able to make with ripples of gravity in space?  And how will we be able to store it, and wouldn’t it be a very unreliable source because we will have to wait for a star to explode or something for us to be able to get actual power for it? (correct me if a big event in space is common or not)

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