March 25

BTN Voting Age

This article was about how people want to change the age that you are able to vote in Australia.

Right now in Australia We are allowed to vote when we reach the age of 18 although Bill Shorten wants that to change because he wants 16 and 17 year olds to vote as well. When you turn 16 you gain the right to; Drive, get a full time job, a debit card, join the army, get married and even donating blood, and people want to add having the right to vote at 16 onto that list. Right now not enough people at the age of 18 is voting because they aren’t motivated to but Bill Shorten thinks that lowering that age would motivate them to vote even more, because of this the AEC says that 400,000 18-24 year olds and voting even though it’s illegal. Some countries have also lowered the voting age to 16 such as; Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Scotland and Argentina. Despite all of this a lot of 16 year olds have different opinions on the idea at hand because of various reasons. If the age of voting gets changed, will anything else get changed along with it? And if the voting does get changed so you think that this will demotivate the 16 year olds even more stopping them from voting as well?

March 25

100 Word Challenge Week #12

On a Friday night I was coming home from school and me and my friends wanted to go get some burgers and chips when we arrived at our favourite burger shop. There was a long row of people and I wished I could just fly over the queue. While my friends waited in line I went and took a lie down on a park bench, when the food finally arrived I devoured my food as the sweet taste of chips touched my lips. My hunger was replenished and I could finally go home and lie down in my soft bed.

March 20

BTN Australia Day

This article was about how people are thinking of moving Australia day to another date.

Australia day is on the 26th of January each year because it’s the day that the first fleet arrived in In Australia and the British came. Although many people think it’s a day that should not be celebrated and many people think it should be moved to a different date. Many Aboriginals even call it invasion day. So suggestions have been going around for dates that it could be moved to such as; January the 1st when Australia became a federation, January the 25th the day before the British came, infusing it with Anzac day and when the Referendum happened. I understand that people (including me) think that the date should be moved but I don’t understand why people would keep it at that date because `it’s a good time of year` maybe because it’s been tradition but just because `It’s a good time of year` is not a good argument. When Australia day does move what date will be the date that it’s most likely moved to? And how will they choose a date to move it to?

March 16

100 Word Challenge Week #10 or

One day it was like every day I come home from school and I go talk to my friends for the rest of the day… on social media. I had been talking for hours and hours it was only at the moment that my friends asked if I did my homework I went and checked my computer and there, right upon me was my appending doom. I had to do all my homework it was 12:00Pm and tomorrow I’m going to Sunday school where I have too many tests too count I had just started but when the connection broke I had no hope…

March 14

BTN Voting Changes

Michael Turnbull is trying to change how the senate is elected because not everyone gets their say because of a voting system.

The government is trying to change how the senate is elected because many people don’t get their say, for example, because of something called a group voting system smaller parties get elected even though not many people are voting for them. How you vote is you fill out your preferences for all the parties that could possibly go to 100 or you could do a group voting system, where you fill out your main preference and the candidate decides the rest. This can lead to small parties making preference deals where 1 party agrees to preference another small party, these are the few reasons the government wants to change and get rid of the group voting systems. I believe that this is a good idea and that people will like the group voting system gone because everyone gets their say and not 1000 people compared to 1000000 and I do think that this plan will happen in the end, even though small parties can’t speak themselves the people still want the other ones to, like if you have a good idea people will vote for you and you’ll be a bigger party. If the group voting system is terminated what will the new voting system be? Will the new voting system be the same as the old one where you vote your preference out of all the parties one by one?

March 9

100 Word Challenge Week #10

London 1820,

I had just got out of the factory where I have been working for the last 8 hours, exhausted I looked at the little amount of coins in my hand sighing “All that work for a few penny’s that wouldn’t last me a day”. With my mind fogged and cloudy I saw a man sitting on the park bench in a posh outfit, me and my friend walked up to him suddenly began begging for money… it had to be done… Suddenly we came demanding money, he quickly gave up and handed over a fortune to us, but around the corner were carriages rushing in and policemen rushing out.

March 7

Buddies Reflection

We do buddies so that we can teach the younger people at the school how tobehave and act. It’s also done as a learning experience where you get to take a role of leadership over someone and that it’s no always that easy to keep everything in order. Ultimately it is done so that both the younger and older kids can learn from eachother at the school. I have learned from experience last year that this cannot always be the easiest task and not everything can go your way but also that it can go very smoothly and the are nearly no hardships. From buddies training it helped me a bit but it might’ve been a bit exaggerated. I learned that my buddy is a very reesponsible and not troublesome person that listens and does the task.20160225_124717

March 2

100 Word Challenge Week #9

Once there was a great superhero that cured the land of evil from the sort of criminals to supervillains and he never gave up a challenge his name was unknown, wearing a mask and a cape he struck fear into those with wicked hearts. Although there was one that was a match worthy of him, it was a mad scientist that looks like an ordinary person on the streets that was planning to destroy the earth with a powerful toxin that destroys every cell on earth until there’s nothing left. This destroys plants and animals; it even wipes out the cells of a human…