February 24

First Term IS Goals

Unit Goals: Civics and Citizenship

As a result of this unit, I will


Unit Learning Goal 1: Civic knowledge and understanding       

  • I will . . . describe the three levels of government and some of the key functions of each level

I will . . . Understand how the three levels of government work/function and what each level does and its key features.

Unit Learning Goal 2: Civic knowledge and understanding


  • I will . . . demonstrate understanding of the process of making and changing laws.

I will . . . Show my understanding of how laws are made and changed, what the rules are for each law and if people get a say in what happens (is it a democracy, oligarchy, etc.).

Unit Learning Goal 3: Community engagement

  • I will . . . present a point of view on a significant current issue or issues and include recommendations about the actions that individuals and governments can take to resolve issues.

I will . . . present my point of view on a problem or issue and tell/negotiate recommendations about the actions and/or how individuals and governments can resolve/solve that problem.

Unit Learning Goal 4: Community engagement

  • I will . . . demonstrate understanding of the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and of democratic processes, when engaging in school and community activities.

I will . . . Show my understanding of roles and responsibilities and how people/leaders can have different types of power, and of democratic processes (?), when participating in school and community activities.

Unit Learning Goal 5: Literacy

I will . . . Demonstrate my work through information texts, persuasive texts or any type of presentation while using tier 3 vocabulary that is appropriate to our learning area

Unit Learning Goal 6: Numeracy

I will . . . Find out how the government handles finances, taxes, votes and money maybe showing them on statistics using percent and graphs

Personal Learning Goals:

During this unit, I will . . . Be showing that I am focused on the task by always trying to keep on researching even if the most appealing thing pops up, I will manage my time so that I can finish the task on its due date, and I will collaborate with my team/partner and improve my public speaking.

February 21

Why I Should be an SRC Representative for 2016


Dear Classmates and Ant,

Today I’m here to talk; I’m here to talk about how I should be an SRC rep for our class. I would like to be an SRC rep because there are choices to be made, and now, I’m going to tell you my 3 points why I should be an SRC representative for our class.


By default, I am a very organised person I always want things to be in the right order and I don’t like things to be messy. This isn’t only about how people think being organised is having their pencils from the brightest colour up one end and darkest on the other, this is how I organise my life. I have notes on my hand and notes in my pocket to remind me that I have to do that thing by Tuesday. I simply nearly never forget something, because it goes through my head a billion times over, to make sure I don’t forget that thing on Tuesday, you need organisation for being an SRC because you simply just can’t forget to make an announcement on Friday that there’s an event on monday. These habits are what make me a very organised person.


One of my attributes is that I never give up trying and that I always try my hardest, this is a skill that can win me arguments on A LOT of things. I can help fight for what I think our school wants and deserves. I never give up when I’m trying to get something as well as I never give up when I’m trying to do what’s right. If I find something hard it makes me even more determined to finish the selected task.


I am always enthusiastic with my work and I think that’ll be the same when and if I’m an SRC representative. I will be happy to give suggestions and answers to the teachers and other SRC reps; I will engage with the problems to be attended to and will be happy to take suggestions for fundraisers and clubs from students. Overall I am enthusiastic about having the job


So, those where the three points with reasoning to back them of why I should be one of the SRC representatives for our class in the year of 2016.

February 4

Why you are Lucky to Have me in 5/6C

Dear Classmates and Ant,

I think that you are very lucky to have me in your class. This year you can expect high standards from me and hopefully everyone else. I believe that I am good at math and have a broad knowledge with science, so if you need any help you’d know where to go. Even though literature is neither my favourite nor my best topic you can still ask me how to spell things out.

I have a habit of always double checking in my head so that I don’t forget anything and I always try to make sure I don’t. Although this habit can be a bit of a headache because sometimes… even though I know I got everything I still repeat it in my head multiple times over and over.

I am very optimistic about the work that I do, I love to learn things about science and math (they’re my favourite subjects) but not so much literacy although I still like to learn about it… kind of. I love to get stuck into the work that I do and you can call me an organised person, some examples are how I do my homework on time and how my habit kicks in and never makes me forget about the task that is set. That’s why I think you are extremely lucky to have me in your class.