January 30

Letter To Ant

Dear Ant,

I do know quite a bit about you probably because of the fact that I was in your class last year, I do love music as well but I haven’t really got a favourite musician or band, I have favourite songs. Such as “It’s Time”, “viva la vida”,”Demons”, ect. I too love imagine dragons just like Amon; I really just love the music they produce. During my holidays I went to Inverloch again, I had a really fun time at the beach. One of my favourite things that I had done there was wind surfing. Every single time we go to Inverloch I go wind surfing, something about it appeals to me. Another thing I liked (I’m pretty sure a lot of other people agree) was going to the surf beach. We go to Cape Paterson occasionally because the waves over there are monstrous. In the past year I have grown very fond of many things. I’ve started to love science and things like woodwork or making a model with one of the sets. I am not good at woodwork at all though I can do a tiny bit of it but what I’m into is like transforming a few Popsicle sticks and glue into a little sword it’s sort of like craft. Another thing that recently appealed to me was Styrofoam and what you can make with it. I have yet to have a play with Styrofoam and turning it into a plane or something, but I really like what the end product is, and it looks fun! One thing you may know is that I love origami; origami is basically where you fold paper, like you may turn an orange piece of paper in to a kangaroo. I hope you now know a little more about me now than you did before.

From Anton

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3 thoughts on “Letter To Ant

  1. antsclass

    This is a lovely introduction letter Anton. It was great to hear about your developing interests, and I am particularly impressed by your improving writing skills. Your sentences are well constructed and you use a variety of lengths and structures to make it interesting to read. I also love the rich variety of expressive words and phrases you are using-BANG ON mate!

  2. jared2013

    To Anton,
    Great letter! I liked the way you included your many interests to hook the reader. Next time you could talk more about yourself because only Ant knows.

  3. james2013

    I like how you stared with something ant did to reflect it.
    Next time you should add in paragraphs.
    other then that it was great.


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