November 27

BTN Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a big part of the world b=due to him becoming one of the greatest scientists of all time and this BTN was about his general theory of relativity.

Albert was born in Germany 1879, and was pretty good in school although at the age of 15 he dropped out of school and tried to get into university, unfortunately he failed. He moved over to Switzerland and got into university there and studied to be a teacher although there were no jobs available so he worked in a patent office and saw many inventions of other people. In 1905 he published many important papers that included his formula E=mc2. On the 25th of November 1915 he published his final papers on the general theory of relativity which is about the relationship between space and time. This helped scientists discover a lot about how gravity works, that black holes exist, time travel may be possible, and how the universe was formed. After all of his hard work and effort in 1921 he got a Nobel Prize for physics.

Although Isaac Newton discovered gravity without Albert Einstein we may not know as much as we know now due to the fact of Einstein coming up with the general theory of relativity. Although it may be a bit weird or impossible that a relationship of space and time would figure this all out somehow it did and if we can use this theory to our full advantage then we may be able to possibly time travel.

If there was a possibility of time travel how would it work and when would the general theory of relativity come into play?

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