November 27

BTN Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a big part of the world b=due to him becoming one of the greatest scientists of all time and this BTN was about his general theory of relativity.

Albert was born in Germany 1879, and was pretty good in school although at the age of 15 he dropped out of school and tried to get into university, unfortunately he failed. He moved over to Switzerland and got into university there and studied to be a teacher although there were no jobs available so he worked in a patent office and saw many inventions of other people. In 1905 he published many important papers that included his formula E=mc2. On the 25th of November 1915 he published his final papers on the general theory of relativity which is about the relationship between space and time. This helped scientists discover a lot about how gravity works, that black holes exist, time travel may be possible, and how the universe was formed. After all of his hard work and effort in 1921 he got a Nobel Prize for physics.

Although Isaac Newton discovered gravity without Albert Einstein we may not know as much as we know now due to the fact of Einstein coming up with the general theory of relativity. Although it may be a bit weird or impossible that a relationship of space and time would figure this all out somehow it did and if we can use this theory to our full advantage then we may be able to possibly time travel.

If there was a possibility of time travel how would it work and when would the general theory of relativity come into play?

November 22

BTN Paris Attacks

On Friday at France 129 people were killed and over 100 injured by bombings conducted by Islamic State/Isis/I.S. There were 3 teams of attackers each bombing a theatre where a rock concert was held, an international football match and at bars and restaurants. The French police are tracking down the terrorists and suspects whilst French planes bomb Islamic state target in Syria. To commemorate the dead people monuments around the world were lit up in red, white and blue which are the colours of the French flag.

Islamic state has bombed many places like Lebanon, Islamic state is a terrorism group that bombs a lot of places and since it bombed France so it may be likely that it bombs another big country. I don’t know if I’m correct but I think that Islamic state may have bombed France because of them getting bombed by other countries such as France, I don’t know if this is the reason of the war in Syria and why everyone is evacuating.

Why is Islamic state bombing these countries such as Lebanon and France?

November 16

100 Word Challenge Week #48

My life at school’s a hard one I’m treated like trash and everyone laughs at me.  One bully targets me all of the time and I am his main priority. He takes everything from me and bully’s me the most. He demands me to fight other kids just so I get hurt, one day he wanted to fight me and said to his friends that he got this and said “how could something so tiny defeat me”. The bully tried so much and kept on missing and falling to the ground and lost to me. His friends walk past saying “how could something so tiny defeat me”.

November 10

100 Word Challenge Week #47

Every year a palace would do something called the festival of lights and that is where a bunch of lanterns with red tissue paper would be let up into the sky when this happens the colour red is illuminated everywhere as a festival for the new year. The lanterns go up into the sky until finally the light gets blown out and it falls to the floor it. Occasionally the will be found and at rare occasions the lanterns may end up in another town or city. Thousands of these lanterns are let loose for the public eye to see every year.

November 6

School Captain Application

Dear Classmates,

My name is Anton Ohrt and my family has been a part of the Moonee Ponds Primary School community for the past 11 years. My sister, my brother and I have been here from prep to year 7 and 6. We have been doing many things in the school curriculum and also things outside which have helped me a lot like chess club. Having played chess since prep I consider myself having a positive influence to younger players by being a good role model. I have also presented the school with team chess players by attending the competitions with a good outcome. I have also been a part of the MVIMP program since year 3.

My stay at the school has been a good one, and throughout the years I have found myself very organised. I have been doing things like MVIMP and I have stuck with it all the way to band, and I am now performing to everyone. I have also had the opportunity to go to band camp where you get to meet heaps of new people. I have helped organising origami club teaching peoples how to make amazing things out of paper! It was a success because we had over 25 entries, and we are going for round 2, and will be teaching entirely new things. I have been asking questions about things I don’t understand to teachers, parents and students which has helped me a lot by actually understanding what I am doing and learning and I consider that an organisational thing.

I can work well with many people of different ages this is clear in the way I have communicated in origami club for 5/6’s and the buddy system for the preps. I am also always double checking with teachers and want to be on top of everything fast. I can give suggestions to teachers for fundraiser ideas to promote the school for better equipment. I can work with parents and adults alike providing ideas at meetings.

I am always ready to take on new things for the school. I am a good listener and would definitely not mind having that extra homework. Some examples of me trying new things have been me running for S.R.C, making a club, joining the MVIMP program and most importantly right now running for school captain. These skills will help me be more organised in high school and help me handle the crazy amount of homework. This could also help me get a good organised resume for my future.

Kind regards,

Anton Ohrt