July 30

BTN Quarantine Questions


Lately on the news Johnny Depp has been accused for smuggling his two dogs in Pistol and Boo. Also what you have to do if you want to take an animal or plant to Australia.

It all started when agricultural minister Barnaby Joice found out that Depp smuggled the dogs and said he would have to take them back to California or the would be put down. Before an animal can travel to a country they have to go through biosecurity.  It’s a progress that makes sure your animal/plant doesn’t have diseases or can threaten specie an example of this is cane toads and how they are threatening plenty of species including dogs. The thing that Depp had done wrong here was skipping quarantine. Quarantine is where your animal spends time at a facility to double check that it didn’t catch a disease on the trip while doing this they have to be kept in complete isolation. But how did he skip quarantine? my theory is since he was flying on a private jet then he wouldn’t necessarily stop at the airport, his plane would be to small so he skips all that and smuggles his dog through quarantine. Lastly It said Johnny Depp had skipped quarantine but had he skipped biosecurity?

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