July 26

BTN Pluto


This article was about the New Horizons mission/ship and how it flew by Pluto also information about Pluto itself.

After the New Horizons flew by Pluto scientists and operators are thinking of the New Horizons exploring the Kuiper belt in our Solar System. They said that Earth would be a basketball and the Moon would be a tennis ball 7.5 metres away but Pluto would be golf ball 80km away so if my calculations are correct then Pluto would be 10667X the distance from the Moon to the Earth. The New Horizons was on top of a rocket (probably to get it to space first) and only the size of a piano so this might be the reason it was the fastest aircraft launched by Nasa and can go up to 60 000kmph. Pluto was first discovered by an American Astronomer Clyde Tombow in 1930. My only question is what the circumference of the Kuiper belt is? (They probably don’t know this because they haven’t explored it yet).

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