June 25

Book Week

A few weeks ago it was book week and that is when everybody in Australia reads the same book and this year we readied The Brothers Quibble. Every class had to do an activity on that book and our class did a poem of what goes on at home but we also had to use the type of art the book used.IMG_0960

Me and my brother fight all night. But suddenly comes a gigantic ouch! When I turn on the light. My brother limps to the couch.

June 14

BTN Magna Carta


The Magna Carta was a type of law made partially made by King John and partially by the Barons. It’s like a law for what kings can or can’t do.

The creation of the Magna Carta is celebrating its 800th anniversary and it was made while King Johns reign from 1199-1216. The story goes that King John lost a lot of land in a war at the top of France. So he spent a decade fighting very expensive wars to claim back the land. But he was running out of money so he raised the taxes a total of 11X’s and he was interested in taking money from the Barons which are rich and are in charge of his land. So as you would expect the Barons weren’t that happy. So they formed an army that took over England and made King John listen to them. So they met up somewhere on the 15 of June and made the king agree to multiple promises such as: not raising taxes without the Barons permission or opinion, respecting the church and it’s rights and having to have a trial by a Jury before punishing or taking away land. These rules were printed/written on a document later called the Magna Carta. This had later had become British law.

The Magna Carta had also inspired other laws such as Americas Declaration of Independence. This had told me that not all kings are good (especially not King John). Also it told me power could be overthrown like its true you have the role with the most power and responsibility but you cannot just ignore peoples opinion and choice.

Lastly how long is the Magna Carta because it didn’t seem that long?

June 10

100 Word Challenge Week #36

I looked around the corner, that man quickly slid away, but it was a dead end all that was there was a plain water wall how could he have got away. I thought about it at first but I didn’t have a clue so I brought my friends that had fallen behind to the wall. They didn’t understand it either. My little brother that had to come because we were at a carnival and I had to take care of him said that he wanted to go to the carnival so we left. But he turned around and ran into the wall, he was gone.

June 7

BTN Chocolate


We look into how chocolate was made back when it was made and what people used it for also how we make it today and also who made it.

Ancient Aztec and Mayan civilisations in Central America discovered how to make cocoa which was a bitter drink made by grinding roasted cocoa beans and adding water and this had made xocolatl (cocoa beans came from the cocoa tree).  Aztecs didn’t us this much due to they were using cocoa as a form of currency. The Dutch made chocolate that can be eaten by mixing sugar butter from the top of the drink and the beans to make chocolate that can be eaten.

I discovered why they didn’t eat it much because if it is money why eat it and its basically like eating a mountain of $2 coins. Also I have noticed that over the year’s chocolate has become way more popular.

Also if we used chocolate beans as a form of currency today instead of huge holes in the ground (mines) would we have mass cocoa bean farms?

June 5

Graphs On The News Homework


This graph showed the cost of gas in dollars over the past year. Using a line graph was a good idea because it showed the change of the prices that gas costed over time. You can also see that the prices never dropped they kept on going up.

June 5

100 Word Challenge Week #35

I was at the Sunday market with my mum but instead of us usually buying things we were selling confectionery. There was this one thing that I wanted to get from our stall and that was something called popping candy but my mum wouldn’t let me have it. So when she looked away I stole some and ate it popped at first but it made my tongue tingle so I didn’t try it again. A few minutes later my mum saw that something was missing she looked at me and this is where I went wrong. I smiled and she saw the candy.