May 27

Wild Reptiles Incursion


Last week Shaan from wild reptiles came for a visit with different animals to show (mostly reptiles).  I and my class had a fun and exciting day. We had seen many animals such as…

The shingle back lizard which has an amazing body due to its tail being in the shape of a HEAD so its predator won’t know which side his mouth is on and also the head tail is a fat storage. After the incursion we had to go to work by making a diagram on an animal of your choice that you had seen at the incursion. I had chosen the Fresh Water Crocodile and he had a few amazing adaptations but I’ll only tell you 2. 1st it has 3 eyelids which I thought that was amazing at first but then they told me that 2 eyelids are like your eyelids but 1 of the eyelid is on the side and is transparent so it can see underwater without hurting its eyes. 2nd at the end of its tail there is type of solar panel scales that collect heat and energy from the sun, I thought that was pretty nifty.

Through the whole incursion I had learnt a lot about animal adaptations and I only think I learnt 1% of how many animal adaptations there are and I am probably over exaggerating on that but anyways throughout years I still have to learn the other 99% of adaptations so I basically just skimmed the surface of how many adaptations there are. The last sentence leads on to my question, what is the total amount of life adaptations there are? Also animals are really extraordinary creatures for their adaptations to their environments us humans don’t really have that much amazing stuff to our body all we really got is a super brain and that’s it so I have learned animals (not including humans) are much more extraordinary than us.






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  1. antsclass

    Really interesting reflection Anton! Your question is a ripper- The amount of total adaptations of life since life first emerged from the ‘primordial soup’ 3 billion years ago is unfathomable! And your final comment is worth talking about. As humans we do seem to have fewer amazing adaptations- there are animals that can run faster, swim better, are stronger, have better eyesight, hearing and have claws and teeth much more spectacular than ours….but that ‘super brain’ you mentioned, is, as far as we know, the most amazing and complex thing in the universe! Don’t forget that!


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