May 26

100 Word Challenge Week #34

One day I had made a trick. When you lift the lid of a container stuck on the bottom of the containers lid was a scary picture. That same day I had brought it to school and tested it on my friends then I had made a mistake and showed it to my girlfriend.  So as she lifted the lid she was freaked out by the picture and started to yell and scream at me for being so ignorant. So after days of thinking about what I have done I finally had the courage to apologise. But she wasn’t accepting it.

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1 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week #34

  1. antsclass

    This is a funny take on this story-sounds like the sort of thing a teenage boy would do!
    A reminder to check your use of ‘had’. In the second last sentence you would change the ‘have’ to ‘had’ and leave the other ‘had’ in. But the other 3 ‘had’s should go!
    Keep an eye on it,


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