May 23

BTN Gold

Gold is a rare precious metal that has been mined for many years and also we have a look at how it is made.

Gold is a tough material but it can still be beaten into shapes without any sort of heat or melting (but to melt it you need to have 1000 degrees Celsius on you). There are 3 types of gold yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and also gold is measured in carats (ct) there are 3 main amounts of carats 24ct, 18ct and 9ct. 24ct is when it is pure gold, 18ct is when it is 75% gold and the rest is made up of copper and silver same with 9ct but it’s made from 37% gold and the rest is made up of copper and silver. Continuing on from carats what is the smallest amount of gold carats that you can have?

I have predicted to make the finishing touch on gold you basically need a gem or stone to top it off because then it just looks bland and also I figured it needs to be polished otherwise it just looks bad. I had realised gold has no certified value because they say that the price of gold changes all the time.