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Term 1 Unit Goal Reflection


In term 1 and 2 Farrah and I did an Australian History presentation on Escaping and Daily life of Convicts. Our task was to make a presentation about Australian History. We had to follow special criteria and instructions and try to try to do something new. I have never done a PowerPoint before and for my presentation we did a PowerPoint. The knowledge me and my classmates got from the unit was extraordinary and I really think I learned a lot more about Australian History and more.

Three Facts I found Interesting or Surprising:

-William Buckley was an escaped Convict that was found by an aboriginal tribe the Wathaurong people. He wasn’t killed instead he was welcomed into the tribe by the aboriginals believing he was a dead aboriginal chief (aboriginals though that when an aboriginal died they turn into a white person). He spent 32 years living with the aboriginals until he was found in a possum skin cloak and was wielding a handful of spears. He had also forgotten how to speak English but he caught on with the language fairly quickly.

-On March the 28th 1791 Mary Bryant was convicted to go to Australia as a convict for 7 years due to her stealing of a cloak. Over the time of 69 days Mary Bryant her husband William 3 year old daughter Charlotte and their baby son Emmanuel travelled 5000km to Timor. They managed this by stealing a Cutter ship and getting sailing supplies from a Dutch sailor. When they had arrived in Timor they had pretended to be shipwrecked sailors. This had worked until a guard overheard them bragging of their escape they were arrested by captain Edwards Edwards. Her husband and son died due to fever. Charlotte and Mary were sent to England but Charlotte died on the trip. She got whipped 100 times by the cat o nine tails and sent to England’s New Gate prison. She had become famous with the name the girl from Botany Bay. She was pardoned and discharged on May 1793.

-Thomas Haynes refused bread presented to him at the prisoner barracks this had caused his inmates to do the same. Back then the bread was obviously bad so I see why he refused. The bread was presented to the bench and was said to be good and wholesome so each prisoner received 50 lashes for their apparent crime.

Two Understandings I Now Have:

-Without Convicts or their colonisation then Australia won’t be how it is today, maybe it is the 21st century and aboriginals just invented the pulley.  And for all we know without Captain Cook, Australia might still not be found to today. There won’t be huge industries that there are today. And there would be a missing part of world.

-If the Second Fleet didn’t come with the supplies that they needed for people to continue living on Australia, for sure all of the Europeans would have died out in Australia and colonisation would have stopped and aboriginals would have lived in peace with no life stealing Europeans.

One Wonder I Still Have:

I thought that the normal consequence for trying to escape was getting a longer sentence, go to prison or a death sentence but Mary Bryant an escaped convict only got whipped 100 times (by a cat o nine tails) and sent to jail, but the normal sentence would be death so what made her so lucky that she didn’t get executed.

My Learning throughout the Unit:

I really think I learnt a lot in this unit I learnt heaps of things. Things about my presentation but I think I learnt much more from other peoples presentations because they chose a wide spread of topics whilst I only chose 1. With the whole class I learnt a bunch but it wasn’t related to my topic. Such as we learnt about the Stolen Generation but it didn’t help with my research at all. I also didn’t learn much during the excursions or incursions due to how the excursions didn’t specify on Convicts it was mostly about immigration, famous people and aboriginals or Torres Strait islander people. But during the project making and the research I learnt a lot about Australian History and Convicts. I also learnt that making presentations isn’t like picking an apple of a tree. With the presentations I also learnt a lot due to me having done my presentation and just not caring to learn about that one topic, Convicts.

What is the Most Important Things I Have Learnt? :

During term 1’s unit I learnt a good lesson and heaps of facts. I have learnt the lesson of making presentations isn’t that easy, its actually fairly difficult and makes you stressed a lot to finish your presentation. I have learnt facts about Australian History but most of it was about Convicts, Immigration, famous people and aboriginals. I have learnt how Convicts, people and countries such as England shaped Australia to how it is today. Australia today I think is one of the countries which are just different to the others. Also I think it has one of the most interesting History’s ever.

How did I learn it? :

I have learnt my knowledge that I have now from my research that I did but also from other peoples presentations I also learnt about the information from excursions, incursions, class and prior knowledge. Most of the information was very interesting and fun to learn but some were just not worth learning about also the same thing some information I just didn’t want to learn about.

What am I Going to do With What I have learnt? :

I am going to be using my knowledge on later presentations, tests and exams. I am going to use the stuff that I have learnt to get higher grades, pass High School and get a job and future that I always wanted.

Have I Achieved the Goals I set at the Start of Term? :

We have set goals at the start of the term and I defiantly think I have achieved them. My goals were about Convicts and my whole presentation was about Convicts. So the knowledge I have learnt about Convicts say I have achieved my goal and also I also accomplished my personal goal learn more about Australian History.


Throughout the unit I have learnt about Australian History and how all of the famous Australian people shaped Australia. I have learnt the lesson of how presentations aren’t easy. And I have learnt as much as I could about Australian History.

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  1. antsclass

    Very thorough reflection Anton-I can tell you have learned a lot about our shared history. Do you really think if Captain Cook hadn’t come then Australia would still be mostly unknown? I think perhaps if he hadn’t then someone sometime shortly after him would probably have settled here. It was a pattern going on all around the world at that time.
    Good work,


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