May 4

100 Word Challenge Week #31

Once upon a time a child didn’t want Bread instead she wanted Tomatoes, Grapes, Rhubarb and Radishes. Whilst her family only had Bread the woman next door had all the food she wanted. So to make her happy her dad grabbed all the fruit and vegetables he could but he was spotted. So to his surprise he woke up the next morning with his child gone. She was sent to a witches hut in a graveyard. There she was taught Witchcraft until her dad many years later came to save her but by then things went terribly wrong for her.

May 4

History Presentation Reflection

My history presentation was about Escaping and the Daily Life of Convicts, for example how they were fed, treated, punished, how they escaped and some people who did escape.

I was proud that we did really good research and how we tried to get as much information out of it as we could. How we kind of touched with other presentations and that we finished our work as much as we could.

Next time I present, I should make sure that I am more organised so they can understand what I am saying and what I am doing and so they can get more information out of it. Also to get it finished on time so I don’t have to stress and make the presentation worse. To help me I should defiantly work a bit harder. Also I need to not just read the PowerPoint I got to tell the important bits. And express myself and project my voice.