April 19

100 word challenge week #28

‘’Hey Cole, do you want to go to that party of Ronny’s tonight?’’ asked Bianca. ‘’Sure, I would if I could but because today is my homework night I really need to study for English,’’ protested Cole. ‘’I am grounded by my parents until my grades improve,’’ claimed Cole. ‘’That’s a shame; I really wanted you to come.  You could beg your parents by saying it a one in a lifetime opportunity,’’ said Bianca. ‘’I will give it a try but it is probably not going to work; my parents are really strict about that stuff,’’ realised Cole.

April 19

BTH Banana Disease


This article is about how farmers in northern Queensland have detected a disease in their bananas. The disease is called Panama; it’s a fungus that goes up the plant to the fruit and stops water getting to the plant which will mean no good quality crops. The question I have is how the fungus travels through the plant. This can cause bananas to be a rare food because of the disease and its UN treatable. 95% of Australia’s bananas are grown in northern Queensland so Australia might have no bananas soon. To still have bananas scientists are working on a banana that cannot get infected.