April 26

100 word challenge week #29

The school was putting on a play on pirates. I was a bar tender in the play. My part was to talk to the main character (a pirate). I overheard him talking about treasure with others. I thought I would give him a helpful tip “You do know what they always say: x marks the spot”, I yelled. They looked at a map they had in their hands and saw an X on the map as they all went rushing to the door; and soon where floating in riches. I got some of the share, enough to quit my job.

April 26

BTN Lacrosse


This article is about lacrosse, a sport not so popular in some countries but Kai tells us about his experiences in lacrosse.

The sport was made by Native Americans hundreds of years ago but since then it changed a lot. Lacrosse isn’t that popular in some countries, so do some countries/continents not play lacrosse in worldwide tornaments? Kai wears a helmet, gloves, elbow pads and special shoes for his games but all the gear is the same for adult games. There are different rules for younger people such as Kai. Kai plays softcrosse, where there’s no contact and softer balls. Kai’s grandpa played Lacrosse but was he  a player for the Australian team? Australia does play lacrosse but isn’t that popular at the moment.

April 19

100 word challenge week #28

‘’Hey Cole, do you want to go to that party of Ronny’s tonight?’’ asked Bianca. ‘’Sure, I would if I could but because today is my homework night I really need to study for English,’’ protested Cole. ‘’I am grounded by my parents until my grades improve,’’ claimed Cole. ‘’That’s a shame; I really wanted you to come.  You could beg your parents by saying it a one in a lifetime opportunity,’’ said Bianca. ‘’I will give it a try but it is probably not going to work; my parents are really strict about that stuff,’’ realised Cole.

April 19

BTH Banana Disease


This article is about how farmers in northern Queensland have detected a disease in their bananas. The disease is called Panama; it’s a fungus that goes up the plant to the fruit and stops water getting to the plant which will mean no good quality crops. The question I have is how the fungus travels through the plant. This can cause bananas to be a rare food because of the disease and its UN treatable. 95% of Australia’s bananas are grown in northern Queensland so Australia might have no bananas soon. To still have bananas scientists are working on a banana that cannot get infected.