March 24

Goals For Semester 1

I need to get better at vertical division, decimals and fractions I also need to revisit long multiplication with 2 numbers Example: 36×57. I also need to learn about The Eureka Stockade. Taking my time would show I’m trying to meet my goal. If I were efficient, taking my time, being organised and caring for my work that would help me complete my goals. To meet my goals I need neat work and to understand what I am doing. I would like to get better at square roots, sound and fungi.

March 24

Aboriginal First Contact



Apart from occasional Indonesian trader the aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders where not disturbed for years. But this all suddenly changed in 1770 when British lieutenant James Cook landed at Botany Bay in New South Wales. James Cook put up the British flag to represent possession of the land


Trading was possible with the Indonesians due to the close proximity between the two countries. So every year aboriginals traded with Indonesians for new foods.

The First Fleet:

January the 26th 1788 the First Fleet of 11 ships landed in Australia. It was captained by Captain Arthur Phillip. There were approximately 1500 people aboard half where Convicts sent out to Australia to ease the prison system in Britain. (Also the Second Fleet with 5 of 8 arrived in 1790). After the British landed the aboriginals were angry and a conflict began.


Malnutrition occurs when you have a lack of healthy food or nutrition. The cause was due to the British destroying plants and trees. Both aboriginals and British suffered from Malnutrition.


The landing of the Europeans caused a lot of problems for the aboriginals including disease. Here is a list of some diseases: Smallpox, Tuberculosis, Influenza, Measles, Whooping Cough and the Common Cold.  Some aboriginals could not survive the Common Cold or the Flu due to no body adaptions to the diseases.

Aboriginal Resistance:

The aboriginals generally resisted the British. A leader of the resistance was Pemulwuy during 1790-1802 he was feared by many British. As settlement grew the aboriginals lost more land and tradition was destroyed. Some aboriginals started working as servants for the British. The British thought the aboriginals weren’t able to look after themselves or the land. Even though a conflict was going on not all contact was violent. Some aboriginals helped the British in the early hard years of the colony.

March 16

100 Word Challenge Week #26

One day when I was walking to school I saw my friend waving to me from his car, I waved back. I didn’t pay attention; as they turned the corner they hit me with the car and knocked me to the ground. I woke up in a hospital bed. The doctor came to tell me that I had a broken Femur and my Knuckle bone was sticking out. I was in so much pain it was even worse as when I hit my head at the playgrounds slide. Maybe next time I should pay more attention as the cars turn.

March 16

BTN Too Loud

We learn how sound can affect our hearing and also about decibels.

The world health organisation warns that 1.1 billion people aged 12-35 need to turn down the volume that they hear. Especially music, because you may suffer permanent hearing loss or even can make you deaf, due to high volume sounds entering your ear. Another understanding that I have is that a full volumed ear phone can damage fragile parts of your ear which will result in hearing loss which brings me to decibels (dB). A whisper is 30 decibels, a normal conversation 60, radio 75, heavy traffic 85, motorcycle 100, chainsaw 110, top volumed ear phone 110 and concerts can reach up to 130 decibels. The world health organisation says that sound over 85 decibels may cause some problems. But over 100 decibels you should only listen to for 15 minutes a day. But for people with jobs that include sounds over 100 decibels are recommended to wear protection. Sound waves are funnelled into the inner ear which makes bones vibrate and move in patterns that send a signal to the brain and you hear the noise. This all happens in an extremely fast time. This leads to my question: Can sound shatter the bones in your ear?

March 15

BTN Colour Confusion

David tells us about his colour blindness and how colour blindness works.

I recall about the cones and rods. About how the cones detect colour and the rods detect light and movement. About cones there is an animal with 12 cones while humans have 3 (red, green and blue) and dogs 2(green and blue). This animal is the Mantis Shrimp it has a red, green, blue, ultra violet and much more cones. But I’m not finished with the Mantis Shrimp because my question is can animals have colour blindness. The cause of colour blindness is that one of the 3 cones doesn’t work to well while this can also cause people not being able to do certain jobs. Colour blindness is a genetic condition like from parents and it also includes a genetic condition with gender to. Because 1 in 12 boys have colour blindness while 1 in 200 girls have colour blindness.

March 14

100 word challenge week #25


One day I carefully swam to my horse that was on the other side of a green swamp.

But then in the swamp was a drainage pipe and it started sucking up the water and me. I went down the drain to the sewage. That is how I lost my toy of me my toy horse and a lot of water. After that incident my dad was mad at me but still the next day I did it again but with my toy Barbie and dragon. I got grounded for a week because the plumber had to come and fix the pipes.

March 9

why I should be a green team member

I would like to support the green team captains Flynn in their efforts this year to make MPP a better place.

I should be a green team member due to my love of the environment, animals and humans. I have heaps of knowledge about life and plants; to prove that last year the year the 3/4 teachers had a topic on life.

I have been taught to recycle and compost at home to do my duties. I love to have deep thought about life and why we are here. I put lots of thought into decisions.

I also think I could bring a lot to the green team. Such as new activities, new fundraisers, getting the school involved in recycling activities to raise awareness and much more.

March 5

100 Word Challenge week #24

I felt like I was hovering in the sky as the plane took off. I was going to Germany. Germany is my favourite place to go: there is family, everyone is happy and the food is so good.

Hours have passed and I still haven’t arrived at Germany. Then I looked out of the plane window. The airport was right below me. I have just arrived in Germany (Schleswig Holstein). My family was waiting right there for me to greet me home from my long holiday to Australia. I was ready to start my new life with everyone I knew.

March 4

BTN Drowning report

The world health organisation is trying to stop drowning of kids and raise awareness of drowning.

The world health organisation says that drowning is the most common cause of death to kids even though it’s the most simplest to solve. Also over 372,000 lives are lost drowning each YEAR (most in Asia & Africa) that means 42 deaths of every HOUR of every day and half are under the age of 25. My question about this is what will be the world’s population if nobody died to drowning.

The world health organisation wants this to stop and for something to be done about it. I really understand it because I think the world’s population will go down.

But what I really understand is that the world health organisation wants it to be compulsory for kids to go to school swimming lessons for swimming education. Like how to stay on the surface and how to save people who are drowning and other scenarios. Also to teach kids how to swim.

March 1

BTN magic kid

Today BTN talked about Sam and how his dream is to be a magician and we talk today about his role model. He doesn’t do magic for money but enjoyment and volunteers for the starlight foundation.

I recall that he volunteers for the starlight foundation and I really understand why he does it as he mentioned he does it due to kids at the starlight foundation can’t do things that other kids can.

He also said that he doesn’t know what he is going to be when he is older as one of his examples he said he may be an architect but the job he wants is one he loves doing. Well I probably not you either would like to do a job that we hate for half our life!

My only unanswered question is will he want to grow up like his role models or not?