February 27

Why I should be the library monitor


I should be a library monitor because I am well organised I am quiet when I do work. I LOVE reading books (non-fiction). I always organise everything especially am desk at home (you should see it) there’s places for paper for my computer for origami and much more. I love reading non-fiction books because it fills my head with knowledge and with enjoyment. I am quiet when it comes to work I think of my decisions and do what I am supposed to do. I love helping out with everything and I am really enthusiastic.

P.S: I don’t really want to be a library monitor this year maybe I still need a bit more practice.

Posted February 27, 2015 by anton2013 in category 2015, Schoolwork

1 thoughts on “Why I should be the library monitor

  1. antsclass

    Well done Anton- your reasons are very well thought out and appropriate. You could have expanded each of your reasons out a bit to be even more convincing.I think it’s unfortunate you don’t feel ready as you would make an excellent library monitor.


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