February 10

why i should be student representative

Why I should be your student representative for our class!

I know I should be your student representative. This is my first application for a SRC position but I am confident I can do it.

I am thoughtful, responsible, and I like to do new things. When we will be running a fundraiser I will be thoughtful of what we are going to add to the fundraiser. I have a few new ideas which involve the music program, a fundraiser called the battle of the bands. I was also thinking of an onesie parade. I am also thinking about the origami lovers I am going to fight for a paper plane competition and all the money raised will go to people in need.

I am well organised, I am caring, I take everybody’s opinions into account and I help people improve at school. Last year I was into origami and I taught origami to my class and other classes.

I try to understand how others feel. I think how it would feel to have so much homework.

I also am always thinking what I could add to the school that would make it a better place.

I always think about my decisions as I always think how that would affect other people.

Together we will have great ideas of what we can do for the school this year. That is why I would like to run for student representative for 2015 for our class.



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