February 8

My intro letter

Dear Ant, (my teacher)
My name is Anton  I am really good at math, spelling and I.T I have a brother, sister a mum and a dad I play a few sports. I play tennis, futsal (indoor soccer) and swimming. My favorite things I like doing is playing electronic video games and sport.

 I have a German background and most of my family where born in Germany (Mum, Dad, sister, grandmother, grandpa, and cousins’ ect.) my brother was the first born Australian in our family I was the second. I like my family but they yell a lot they are all nice but my brother he teases and bullies me every day.
Do you know how to speak any German (sprechen sie Duetsch)? I have a vast array of friends most in my class. (Flynn, Sammy, Kyle and Trent) the rest are in other classes. I would like to share that I am really good at origami Trent and Flynn are too so maybe we can try to teach the class a bit.

Just saying, I don’t enjoy the fact of having homework, but I probably will get through it all so don’t make any changes. On my holidays I went to Inverloch it was really fun but on march the 27th

I am going to Germany for 10 days I love Germany! In my future I want to be a Baker (I like baking) or a YouTuber (I love video games).
I really like electronics (computers, ipods, phones, consoles, ps4’s) as you see I’m pretty shy when I go to share work or join big conversations with the class and working with new people. But when I talk with friends or go ask someone something I’m not shy I hope we have a great year together and have a great time with me and the class!

From Anton (me)

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1 thoughts on “My intro letter

  1. antsclass

    Well done Anton. Great work in getting this and your 100 word challenge completed early so we could use it to learn about reviewing our writing. I love the changes you have made to correct your work, and the details you have added
    Great work!


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