February 8

My intro letter

Dear Ant, (my teacher)
My name is Anton  I am really good at math, spelling and I.T I have a brother, sister a mum and a dad I play a few sports. I play tennis, futsal (indoor soccer) and swimming. My favorite things I like doing is playing electronic video games and sport.

 I have a German background and most of my family where born in Germany (Mum, Dad, sister, grandmother, grandpa, and cousins’ ect.) my brother was the first born Australian in our family I was the second. I like my family but they yell a lot they are all nice but my brother he teases and bullies me every day.
Do you know how to speak any German (sprechen sie Duetsch)? I have a vast array of friends most in my class. (Flynn, Sammy, Kyle and Trent) the rest are in other classes. I would like to share that I am really good at origami Trent and Flynn are too so maybe we can try to teach the class a bit.

Just saying, I don’t enjoy the fact of having homework, but I probably will get through it all so don’t make any changes. On my holidays I went to Inverloch it was really fun but on march the 27th

I am going to Germany for 10 days I love Germany! In my future I want to be a Baker (I like baking) or a YouTuber (I love video games).
I really like electronics (computers, ipods, phones, consoles, ps4’s) as you see I’m pretty shy when I go to share work or join big conversations with the class and working with new people. But when I talk with friends or go ask someone something I’m not shy I hope we have a great year together and have a great time with me and the class!

From Anton (me)