February 27

Why I should be the library monitor


I should be a library monitor because I am well organised I am quiet when I do work. I LOVE reading books (non-fiction). I always organise everything especially am desk at home (you should see it) there’s places for paper for my computer for origami and much more. I love reading non-fiction books because it fills my head with knowledge and with enjoyment. I am quiet when it comes to work I think of my decisions and do what I am supposed to do. I love helping out with everything and I am really enthusiastic.

P.S: I don’t really want to be a library monitor this year maybe I still need a bit more practice.

February 26

100 word challenge week 23#


In the year 1920 the alleyway was dark. The lights turned on. Brightness filled the street.  Hallucination filled my eyes as I saw a stone couch with a dog on top. When I looked back it was a plain old wooden bench. For the rest of the day I saw stone seats; when I went to the toilet I saw a stone toilet. The rest of the day was a nightmare. The couch even felt like stone exactly like the bed. I tried to withstand it but I couldn’t. The next day was the exact same. What a nightmare!

February 20

how to make categories

When your finished writing a post, you should assign it a category.

If this is a new categories for you, go to the right hand side of the screen where it says categories. Click add new category. If you already have categories you can make a new category as part of a old category by choosing parent category. (eg grammar could be a category inside writing.) In the box for categories type the name of your category. Now click  the add new category box.  Now you have the new category you want.

If you are typing a post that you want as a part of a category you already have , you just have to click the box with the name of that category and it will now be part of that category.

Categories appear as a label at the bottom of every post. If you click on that label all the posts that are in that category will appear. It will help people look at posts that are similar in your blog.

If you want to make a category without having made a post, go to your dashboard, on the left float over “post” and choose ‘categories’. On this new page, name your category and click the ‘add new category’ button at the bottom.

You can categorise posts in the posts section of your dashboard using “quick edit” and checking the category box you want

February 19

100 word challenge week #21

One cold and windy night we couldn’t go outside so we couldn’t buy anything so because of a big storm the government sent out edible bugs for eating but it said “sweet” on the wrapper me and my brother thought to ourselves are we the only ones with these or has everyone got 1 we couldn’t ask because of the storm and the internet wasn’t on neither the land line but to our very surprise is was a cockroach turned into a sweet we had to choke it down but about an hour later the storm stopped that was our time in a big storm.

February 10

why i should be student representative

Why I should be your student representative for our class!

I know I should be your student representative. This is my first application for a SRC position but I am confident I can do it.

I am thoughtful, responsible, and I like to do new things. When we will be running a fundraiser I will be thoughtful of what we are going to add to the fundraiser. I have a few new ideas which involve the music program, a fundraiser called the battle of the bands. I was also thinking of an onesie parade. I am also thinking about the origami lovers I am going to fight for a paper plane competition and all the money raised will go to people in need.

I am well organised, I am caring, I take everybody’s opinions into account and I help people improve at school. Last year I was into origami and I taught origami to my class and other classes.

I try to understand how others feel. I think how it would feel to have so much homework.

I also am always thinking what I could add to the school that would make it a better place.

I always think about my decisions as I always think how that would affect other people.

Together we will have great ideas of what we can do for the school this year. That is why I would like to run for student representative for 2015 for our class.



February 8

My intro letter

Dear Ant, (my teacher)
My name is Anton  I am really good at math, spelling and I.T I have a brother, sister a mum and a dad I play a few sports. I play tennis, futsal (indoor soccer) and swimming. My favorite things I like doing is playing electronic video games and sport.

 I have a German background and most of my family where born in Germany (Mum, Dad, sister, grandmother, grandpa, and cousins’ ect.) my brother was the first born Australian in our family I was the second. I like my family but they yell a lot they are all nice but my brother he teases and bullies me every day.
Do you know how to speak any German (sprechen sie Duetsch)? I have a vast array of friends most in my class. (Flynn, Sammy, Kyle and Trent) the rest are in other classes. I would like to share that I am really good at origami Trent and Flynn are too so maybe we can try to teach the class a bit.

Just saying, I don’t enjoy the fact of having homework, but I probably will get through it all so don’t make any changes. On my holidays I went to Inverloch it was really fun but on march the 27th

I am going to Germany for 10 days I love Germany! In my future I want to be a Baker (I like baking) or a YouTuber (I love video games).
I really like electronics (computers, ipods, phones, consoles, ps4’s) as you see I’m pretty shy when I go to share work or join big conversations with the class and working with new people. But when I talk with friends or go ask someone something I’m not shy I hope we have a great year together and have a great time with me and the class!

From Anton (me)

February 5

100 word challenge week 20#

Sandwich   Grey   Miserable   Hyena   Climb

CLING! CLASH! SMASH! I quickly ran downstairs my sister was making a sandwich and suddenly my brother started to climb onto the kitchen table like a hyena and kicked a plate with the sandwich on it onto the floor. The plate that my brother broke was my mum’s favourite plate and it was a grey plate. My mum adores the colour grey. She was miserable after the accident and my sister hated it to because her sandwich was on the floor. After that we all were depressed so we just watched some T.V. We watched David Attenbrough’s documentary about hyenas.