September 18

The worlds end

I opened the door air rushed out then there was a squecky nouse from inside and a smashing sound. I switched the lights on and looked through the scanner from deartment 6 our secret agency and there was no trace of anything.No fingerprints  not a single thing exept for dropped pieces of gold trailing to broken glass and up above the broken glass was a smashed window i looked through the smashed window ther was a shodow passing a picture of leonardo de vinci when he was 42 with trails of gold still  leading to where he was going. I turned the corner and right infront of me there it was the grand diamond. I exited the  mansion and i got in the jetcar and put a helmet on. Boom the mansion blew up i quickly activated the force field. Fire  was all over my jetcar and still no damage. I flew of and headed for department 6. My partner john  greeted me back  saying “did you do it sam”i said”yes” and put the grand diamond in a display cabnet and it  elevated down into an obsidian box. My boss sai to me “mi5 is in danger” “how” i said my boss siad “a missile! Is heading our way”. Our department elevated and then everything went pitch black. The top of our department exploded as well as the walls. The obsidian container flew up in the air and split in half and down went the grand diamond. The diamond smashed into 1 billion pieces then the world departed by a huge explosion. Like 1000 atomic bombs all over earth all ignited at once. The grand diamond was the earths vaulible its job was to keep the earth on surviving. That diamond made the big bang. By anton ohrt department 6 is the mi5. Hope you enjoyed.