September 17

Upside down story.

All the stars exploded then the sun. The moon. Jupiter and Mars exploded and they came down like 20 gigantic meteors falling onto earth. Then a brown wave on the surface of pluto went to me. It was chocolate and a water pond appeared to. Where safe i said. My parents wished me good luck. 3 2 1 BLAST OF we floated in space. We saw monsters on mars saying hi then they got a ray gun and shot the engine. Theres a malfunction  the rocket beeped we crashed landed on pluto and got knocked out. I opened my letter box it ant it had a space suit 500 oxygen tanks with food and water. I got the letter out and it said from  nasa. It said your invited to fly in space and see if theres life on mars at nasa. On the 1/1/3000 11.00 am sharp. That was in five minutes. I got in the car and drove at 999999999999999km/h to nasa.

September 17

Science questions

The uranium atom.

The uranium atom is made of 92 protons 92 electrons and 143 to 146  nuetrons.

Radioactive elements.

The radioactive elements on the earths crust are promethium,polonium,astatine,radon,francium,radium,actinum,proactinumand and uranium.

The nobel prize.

The nobel prize is made of 18 carat green gold plated with 24 carat gold. You can win a nobel prize by making or coming up with an idea that is really usefull. Or papers of work. And this can be won in alot of topics like physics,literature,peace,medicine and economics.