September 9

what if the world was chocolate

If the world was chocolate it would be horrible. Clouds would fall. Nobody would be able to move because  we would have no muscles or bones . All our senses wouldnt work. The world will melt. Air and space would be chocolate. So nobody could stand on earth. They would have to get in earth but how. What do you think you would. Dying or living. And this is my story. I woke up one morning and I saw theceiling was brown and the windows where white. It looked like chocolateand my bed turned into a liqiud like it was melting. I went down slowly. I couldnt move. Soon i was in the middle of the matres.  A brown liquid flowed down and I was buried in it. Then it turned hard. I melted through the floor I fell and hit the kitchen . I smashed into millions of pieces. This was edited by me and lucca.

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