September 9

save polar bears

 We Are doing an activity on endangered animals so what we are doing is we pick an endangered animal for example the Blue whale and we and we think we are the animal and why we are endangered and it was because of humans and think of reasons how we are effected by humans so we write down a persuasive text to stop hunters killing the animal and to make people stop making them           

                        Save polar bears!




By: Anton Ohrt


Our homes are melting because of global warming.



Please stop letting gasses in the air so that global warming does not defrost our homes. By breaking the ozone layer in the atmosphere. We will die eventually die and become extinct.




Stop throwing oil into the ocean because if we drink it we will die. We will dehydrate and die if there is no clean water to survive.




You should not hunt us we are getting hunted for no reason. We did nothing wrong and we should not be hunted. You don’t need our flesh! You don’t need our fur or any of that stuff from us! We need to be saved so please q help. Don’t  let us get driven to extinction. We won’t walk the land or see light ever again. We might look dangerous but we have to kill to survive I know there are rumours that we are dangerous . If you are scared  we think something’s wrong and we get scared  and we try to protect our self  so please help us.  

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