September 9

book report on department 19


Department 19 by Will Hill


If you don’t like violent themes do not read this book report please


In the prologue the trees where getting bulky like something was living in the tree – a van. His father said:  get in the house and Jamie said why? He said get in the house Jamie! now! He was looking through the glass slide door out of the van came blue armoured people with submachine guns and they shot his father dead and they drove away.


Two years later


Mr Jacobs you had a fight well he’s wrong Jamie’s mother sighed I’m worried about you don’t be i can look after myself i miss him to his mother said Jamie recoiled he’s been stung Jamie spat a reply good for you tears formed in her eyes you don’t mean that believe i do he was a traitor a criminal and ruined both our lives said Jamie jimmies mother said our lives aren’t ruined we still got each other he laughed yeah look how well its working out for us both said Jamie and he watched her mother cry the next day after school he saw the night sky above him he was laying down in the park he heard a voice Jamie then a giggle and he heard the voice again Jamie show yourself he shouted ok he turned around hands flailing in the air and hit her a thin stream of blood was running down her mouth from her nose I’m sorry are you ok said Jamie (after an argument) I’m Larisa next he found himself lying on the ground forcing his eyes open he saw a girl said you where supposed to be mine he said in what way in any way she said he ran to the there going to be here soon  she said who? And she ran away he was running off to the house saying not my mum please don’t hurt my mum he got in the hallway and yelled mum! He ran through the living room it was empty he checked every room empty then blood was running down his wrist he then he saw two puddles of blood a man came and said Jamie carpenter it’s a supreme pleasure to meet you his teeth were like razorblades and his eyes were red in gloom and then the door exploded to sawdust someone said get away from him alexandru alexandru bursted out the big window into the sky a huge figure appeared  he said my name is Frankenstein I’m here to help you


Jamie dreamt of his father then a car engine turned on he opened his eyes and looked outside a window and saw a dark forest he reached for the door handle trying to open it don’t bother its locked the seat next to him he saw Frankenstein’s monster whats your name said Jamie  victor Frankenstein he replied we cant go back shes gone you know that Jamie took his mobile phone out of his pocket phones don’t work around here said Frankenstein they went into a dark tunnel he spoke clearly into the darkness and said Frankenstein victor NS302-45D. Carpenter Jamie no designation he went through a long tunnel they saw a fort like a castle four towers formed to look like a square with walls connecting them what is this place said Jamie a loud siren beeped and Frankenstein said your about to find out


I like this book because it gets very interesting during i read it

3 cool things about it is that victor Frankenstein’s name got represented by the monster so the monster stole it a teenage girl fell from a high distance and survived

According to the book department 6 is the army department 13 is the mi5 and department 19 is the reason your alive i give it ****1/2 out of five stars

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