September 9

a letter some of our classmates send to kraft food factory

Dear Kraft,

                    STOP! You may not of realized what has been happening outside your gates! It is extremely bad for the animals. You are supporting a company that cuts down palm trees and selling it to us.

If you keep this up, orangutans will be extinct in 10 years-L.

Please stop!


It is so terrible for our little and BIG friends. You’re also damaging other animals by demolishing their homes. It is so terrible. The animals are endangered and the thought that they might become extinct because you are supporting a company that is just going out into the jungle and slicing those trees down in one second all for the palm oil!


We don’t need palm oil but the animals do! If you can stop using palm oil in your products you can save, orang-utans , Sumatran tigers and much more! You need to stop mixing palm oil in your products!

It is SO wrong!

You can stop putting palm oil in your products by not supporting the company that supplies the palm oil.

Do you poach your eggs like you poach the Orang-utans? You should STOP from what we have said.

P.S these are a few products that you produce that have palm oil in them: Easy Mac

Peanut Butter

Cool Whip Cream & much  MORE!

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