June 15

5/6C Graph Activity

data-for-graph3-1h8o55m–>Graph For Data

We had to turn a set of data  from AntsClass into a graph in excel, this was my results.

This graph shows the change of temperature per 20 years and how it is constantly fluctuating and rising more that dropping.

The reason that I chose this graph is because it shows change over time, this is why it is a line graph because that’s what the purpose of line graphs are. And that it shows very well how the temperatures are fluctuating. All and all this graph shows this information very well.



June 13

BTN Bionic Boy


From birth Riley was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and it is affecting his life, so Jordan has made an invention to try and make it a whole lot better.

Riley has a disability called Cerebral Palsy and it affects him in a huge way, it restricts him from doing everyday deeds and task as well as having fun. He has so much trouble he has to have a computer that tracks his eye movements which then types into the machine which finally allows him or more accurately the computer to speak for him; they have used the eyes as the mechanism because it is one of his body parts that he can control well. And this mechanism probably led onto Jordan’s idea of making this device, It’s a machine that allows him to control technology around the room using his eyes using left, right, up and down, and they describe it as a form of telekinesis, through this new invention riley has successfully turned on a lightbulb and soon with more practise a lot more technology. But Riley wanted to drive a car, so after a whole lot more engineering their invention was created, he was using left and right to steer and up and down to what I imagine to brake and use the gas. Although this led onto other troubles so he had sensors that hit his arm, telling him that he is near something. With all this Riley successfully drove the car, and this begs a question, what else will Riley be able to control with his telekinesis.

June 9

100 Word Challenge Week #20


I was in the stables stroking my horse, buckling on the saddle and bridles, preparing it for a ride around the paddock. From the top floor I looked out the thatch window to see the town square crowded with people. But it all looked like clockwork, same movement from one place to the other by everyone. There was the palace as always standing tall, the walls strong ever and the watch towers, same old. I gazed at the city square as a whistle blew and everyone disappeared. Out in the distance there thousands of people full with spears and swords, and already huge stones were being hurled at the kingdom.

June 7

Prepared Speech-If Ice Was Heavier Than Water

Hello, 5/6C, hello Antony, Today I’m going to tell you about `if water got heavier when it froze`, first of all my topic is about what would happen if ice was heavier than water which it is not, ice will expand by the molecule links breaking and spreading, so that it is lighter in the end.

Last year we did an experiment and we froze some water the container ended up shattering because the water expanded when it turned to ice.

I will address one of the main points of this argument that I have seen on the web, would human life be possible, I believe that it wouldn’t although there’s other theories but from what I’ve seen the most people think human life wouldn’t be possible.

One of the basic things that will happen is that in cold climates the water will freeze and the ice would sink to the bottom of the ocean, lake or other water pools. Slowly this will build up until there’s only a thin layer of water or none at all.

One of the biggest issues that could happen is one of the biggest right now, Global Warming. They say that since the ice is white and can reflect sunlight this will bounce back up and therefore will create the earth to warm up by trapping the heat inside.

Another reason was that other life forms would die because there is no water in the ocean that means that not much water could be evaporated resolving in little rain which would give a huge drought and destroy nearly all plant life and not enough for us to live.

If ice was heavier than water then this can boost natural disasters and most commonly tsunamis and volcanic eruptions from the ice disturbing the volcanos (including underwater ones).

This could even affect the smaller things like if you were making and ice cold drink and it sinks to the bottom, suddenly your drink is now all warm on the top and cold on the bottom.

Now I hopefully have given you some ideas of what could happen if ice was heavier than water. Some of these could be incorrect or countered by other things, but there is one thing that could save us if this happens, we could be able to adapt and evolve to these climates and disadvantages.

If ice was heavier than water it could lead to many problems like; accelerating global warming, making nearly every life-form to die, increasing the likelihood of natural disasters, long term damage and finally your ice cold drink ruined.

So certainly no, humans will not be able to live on this planet even though we could adapt, this would take a very long time. And finally, I hope you know a few things that could happen `if water got heavier when it froze`.

May 31

BTN Cystic Fibrosis


In Australia and many other places there is a disease that is affecting many people’s lives every single hour of every single day.

There is a disease called CF or Cystic Fibrosis and it is affecting many people every day and 3,000 in Australia. It makes people have incapability and makes people bordered in one spot to some extent. It is a Genetic condition that affects the pancreas and lungs; it clogs the lungs with mucus which makes it harder for them to breathe and also traps bacteria in the mucus leading to many illnesses. This results in many hospitals trips and even if there is an illness with no symptoms than she stills needs to go to hospital. And a small cold to us can be very serious to her and possibly maybe life threatening. On top of the plenty of hospital trips she has to take a LOT of medication. With these patients, In the Pancreas (The area that breaks down fats) it doesn’t work properly therefore I suppose it doesn’t break down the fats (although what does it actually do?), so, Therefore she has to take more Medication. She also has to take extreme care with everything, she has to wash her hands very often and wear a filter mask to the hospital. Not only does this disease isolate people, it threatens their life and there is no cure, so this is why people are raising awareness of this terrible disease. Even though just a mucus clog may not look to harmful (that’s what I thought at first), if you think about it again and put yourself in their shoes this can be changing your life entirely.

May 31

100 Word Challenge Week #20


I had always been a fan of cowboy movies, cowboy books, basically anything cowboy. They fascinated me; they were separated from all the vampires, steam punks and Zombies. They were modern but not quite. And that’s why I was sitting on the bench with my cowboy book, a worldwide classic, I suppose; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I was reading this book, waiting for my flight, when a man with a Moustache, White Tux, Hat, Boots and all of the above sat next to me, suddenly he turned to a metallic copper. I pulled down my glasses and blinked… It was just my imagination, taking over…?

May 25

100 Word Challenge Week #19


I was lying on the wooden bed in the cold room made completely out of stone bricks. My hands and feet were freezing, they were numb, I couldn’t feel them anymore. On the uncomfortable bed I dozed off, the only source of heat and light, a single candle… I heard perilous screams throughout the whole entire dungeon, screeching, Followed by footsteps thudding on the floor. It was the middle of the night, the stone pavement was cold and the iron bars were even colder. There was a creak of a door and a huge gust of wind, as the flame flickered and then it went out.

May 25

My Semester Goals and Future Goals

My Goals for This Semester:

I wanted to learn about how to determine ratios and scales and also how to find out the area of a curved shape. I also wanted to learn anything to do with science. To achieve these goals I could always ask anyone for help, I could put down every single note precisely so I remember them better and can always come back to them. I will not give up on anything that I do and I will always try hard on the subject. And I could think things through so I understand it more (like Thinking about thinking).

Here’s my reflection on my semester 1 goals:

I have not achieved trying to neither determine ratios and scales nor have achieved how to find out the area of a curved shape although I have an idea of it, but I am sure that later in the year we will learn about these. I have learnt a lot about science since our topic in term 2 was about the 3 states of matter which is under chemistry which is under science. And I have used all the strategies I set for myself like detailed note-taking, trying hard, asking for help and thinking about thinking.

And here’s My Future Goals for Semester 2:

I would like to learn about ratios and scales, how to find out the area of a curved shape and also how to convert between percentage, decimals and fractions. I also want to learn about how sound decibels work and also in the area of science a basics of how the human body works and especially how the brain works, stuff like what triggers emotions. I may like to work on a certain bit of key history in one term but not necessarily Australian history and lastly strategies used in narrative writing.

May 25

I Got This Hat-Simultaneous Reading


This was the one I was looking at the range of hats before me and one stuck out to me, the green fedora with ropes in German colours before me. Well the reason that I bought it was because of the German colours because I am half German. I was sitting at the cash register awkwardly with hands in my pockets. Even though it only cost $5 it was worth it. I wore it to school the next day, showing it off to everyone… But no everyone was impressed, more lass no one was impressed… It was a sad day.