May 25

My Semester Goals and Future Goals

My Goals for This Semester:

I wanted to learn about how to determine ratios and scales and also how to find out the area of a curved shape. I also wanted to learn anything to do with science. To achieve these goals I could always ask anyone for help, I could put down every single note precisely so I remember them better and can always come back to them. I will not give up on anything that I do and I will always try hard on the subject. And I could think things through so I understand it more (like Thinking about thinking).

Here’s my reflection on my semester 1 goals:

I have not achieved trying to neither determine ratios and scales nor have achieved how to find out the area of a curved shape although I have an idea of it, but I am sure that later in the year we will learn about these. I have learnt a lot about science since our topic in term 2 was about the 3 states of matter which is under chemistry which is under science. And I have used all the strategies I set for myself like detailed note-taking, trying hard, asking for help and thinking about thinking.

And here’s My Future Goals for Semester 2:

I would like to learn about ratios and scales, how to find out the area of a curved shape and also how to convert between percentage, decimals and fractions. I also want to learn about how sound decibels work and also in the area of science a basics of how the human body works and especially how the brain works, stuff like what triggers emotions. I may like to work on a certain bit of key history in one term but not necessarily Australian history and lastly strategies used in narrative writing.

April 26

Second Term Topic Goals

This term our topic is Science and we are going to be focusing on changing matter an area in chemistry. We have a variety of goals that we could choose to hopefully achieve at the end of the term; these are the goals that I have chosen.

I understand:

Yr 6:

  • Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible, such as burning and rusting.
  • Science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena.

Yr 5 & 6:

I can:

  • With guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems.
  • Decide which variable should be changed and measured in fair tests and accurately observe, measure and record data, using digital technologies as appropriate.


Maths goals:

  • Construct and use a range of representations, including tables and graphs, to represent and describe observations, patterns or relationships in data using digital technologies as appropriate.
  • Compare data with predictions and use as evidence in developing explanations.


Literacy goals:

  • Take notes on my reading that will help me create a reflection or summary and when I am creating explanations for observations in experiments.
  • Create scientific explanations and lab reports that follow a conventional outline and that clearly communicate my understanding.
April 26

First Term Topic Reflection

Throughout this term I have learnt many things about the government and also I have done a lot of revision. When I made my goals at the start of the term I had a lot I needed to know and I am fairly certain that I have achieved every last one of my goals. I have learnt that Australia’s nature of democracy affected how Australia developed as a federation and how Australia’s democratic system led to them ending up being a federation. I have learnt that Australia has 3 levels of government; the federal, the state and the local, each of these levels of government do their own thing such as; federal takes care of things like tax, immigration, war, etc. The state government takes care of things like schools, hospitals, police, roads, etc. while the local government handles things like sports grounds, dog control, signs, waste disposal, etc. I have learnt about Australia’s federal parliamentary system and key democratic principles and values, Australia’s parliamentary system works under 2 or 3 things; The House Of Representatives, The Senate (and possibly the queen because you may group the queen and senate together). Parliament is where laws are made using a representative democracy for the Senate and a democracy for the House of Representatives. In the House of Representatives there is the Government, the Opposition, the Greens and independents. The government is the party with the majority of seats due to election and the opposition is the rivalling party that had lost the election. The greens are a minor party normally choose a side they want to go on but they don’t always have to agree with their decisions but normally do, and the independents can vote for whatever they want. The government at the moment is Liberal and Labour is the opposition, Liberal running under a coalition and Labour a minority. In the House of Representatives                               the laws are first thought of by the cabinet made up of the prime minister and a few other important ministers, these are called bills. This bill goes to the H.O.R and the clerk reads it a first time this is a 1st reading. Later the minister that had come up with the bill states his reasoning for the bill, therefore this is the Ministers Speech. Then and adjournment happens when the parties get time to think about if they are going to vote for or against the bill. Then a committee of experts from the public gather info on the bill this is obviously called a committee. Then a 2nd Reading debate happens on the bill, the Government, the opposition and the minor parties states their opinions and arguments on the bill and it is voted on, this decides if a 2nd reading should happen or not. If it passes then the clerk does a 2nd reading. The members of parliament discuss the main idea of the bill and they improve the bill and any amendments, this is the consideration in detail. The clerk does a 3rd reading on the improved bill and it is transferred to the senate. The senate is more of a double-checker on the bill. In the senate a 1st reading is read by the clerk and another committee happens, same as in the House of Representatives. Then again a 2nd reading debate is announced and they argue and vote on the bill. If passed a 2nd reading is read by the clerk and a community of whole happens when the House of Representatives and the Senate gather evidence and check if the bill is in a good state for the Governor-General. Finally the clerk does a 3rd reading. It is given to the Governor-General and he chooses to give it a Royal Assent which he/she normally does and this is now called an act of parliament to later become a law. At school we rein acted most of the process of the House of Representatives. Although in our role-play it was very calm but in the actual parliament I know that it is very hectic. The upmost leaders were the government but the most important was the independent. With the role-play what the government voted for, won the vote. We also learnt that the clerk does nothing but read the bill and the speaker runs the debate, calling upon people at the correct time. Also that if you were elected for government if the greens and/or the independents are in the government side then they can easily manipulate you to be in cabinet, so in my opinion the independents and minor parties are the most powerful. We also learnt how democracy was implemented into parliament by voting and what system/democratic process they use. The actions that individuals and governments take to resolve the issue really depends on the severity of the issue. If it’s more of a smaller issues maybe individuals take care of that but not all individuals take care of small issues some individuals take care of giant issues but once resolved once normally it just happens again. More or less the same with the government they can solve problems and make them stick but not all problems. As such governments can make wars or defend a war but you/the government can’t just stop a war immediately nor can you/the government stop wars happening, which leads the government to sometimes stop wars by fighting back. But once again the governments can take care of problems like immigration defence, foreign affairs, justice & customs, trade, taxation, communications, agriculture, fisheries & forestry, industry, tourism & resources, etc. while individuals take care of local or state problems like health & hospitals, schools & education, employment & training, transport & roads, police & justice, emergency services. But the Government can force it but individuals can ask for it/argue for it. Over the past term I have learnt this information and much more through lessons, apps, excursions, websites, Prior knowledge, other people and most of all, hard work. Throughout this term I think that I had been very successful with my knowledge yet even though 1000 words from this point I haven’t yet told you all that I had learnt this term. I think that all of the goals that I have chosen were good goals to get me to the point of knowledge that I am at now. Throughout this term I have worked hard and I was determined, I wanted to get the job done but without forgetting all the knowledge. I think that I have taken a lot of notes for me to remember my learning and all my goals helped me get to the point I am now, in my knowledge, of the government.

March 7

Buddies Reflection

We do buddies so that we can teach the younger people at the school how tobehave and act. It’s also done as a learning experience where you get to take a role of leadership over someone and that it’s no always that easy to keep everything in order. Ultimately it is done so that both the younger and older kids can learn from eachother at the school. I have learned from experience last year that this cannot always be the easiest task and not everything can go your way but also that it can go very smoothly and the are nearly no hardships. From buddies training it helped me a bit but it might’ve been a bit exaggerated. I learned that my buddy is a very reesponsible and not troublesome person that listens and does the task.20160225_124717

October 13

5/6 Stop Motion Film Reflection

During this project we made a stop motion film which connected to the topic media which used our animals we made in art last term. Our team had completed our stop motion film. When making this film it was the first time I had used the iPad app and it was one of the first times I had made a stop motion film like this.  I think that our team worked well together and overall the end product was good but not the best. Our co-operation was pretty good but again not the best. The program that we used was good in my opinion it was easy to use and didn’t glitch or anything and I would recommend. If there was another assignment I would use the same program because it worked well. Our group might’ve not got what we all wanted but we worked well and evidence is how well I think we went with the end product. Nobody worked as a team captain and I’m pretty sure everyone got their own way somehow. The final piece was good it turned out how we wanted to but it could’ve had a better background and maybe make it more realistic. This  activity was good and it should be done again as I said before and probably use the same app but maybe use different types of characters like made in the art class.

October 12

My Holiday Recount

When I arrived at the show ground in was not that keen on the long day that waited. I was to stay there from 10:00am till the fireworks. We went to the livestock area first. The wool that the sheep produce looked nice but I have no idea how the judges can judge it, like they are all the same. It would be like choosing between two of your best friends.

After that we scanned around the area and had to look at everything in the whole show but as every year we didn’t go on any rides nor did we get any show bags. Then we did what we came here for, well at least for what my sister came here for, the show jumping. The show jumping is always fun but after a while it gets very repetitive. When the horses jumped it literally looked like they were flying.

When the motocross was on everyone suddenly stormed the arena. Last year there was a lot of wind so they couldn’t do many tricks, but unlike last year there was no wind. Most of the tricks were awesome like the backflip trick variations but some of them they got us very excited but in the end it wasn’t the best. The reason one of the riders didn’t come last year was because of a gruesome story I would rather not tell you about.

We went to the timed dog obstacle course. One of them had a very disobedient dog and was barking at her and did everything wrong. But a little boy and his little dog bet most of the adults.

We went back to the arena, we saw more show jumping and surprisingly there was a horse named Anton. Finally there were the fireworks. They were beautiful and were very loud because the next day I heard the boom from the fireworks from my room. It was magnificent but unfortunately I have seen a bit better than this. When I finally got home I knew it was time to go to my bed and sleep.

September 2

Paper Power

Reflection: Paper Power

We had done a activity where we had to make a convincing advertisement this was ours

Goal Reflection:

During this activity we had to take notes on what advertisement does by looking at an advertising and seeing what strategies they used. Also we looked what it means to be an informed consumer, things that influence our spending and do’s and dont’s strategies that help us not buy the item. One of the reasons I learnt a lot was because of the application because it showed us how to make an advertisement. I now understand what it means to be an informed consumer and most of the strategies ads use to deceive us. I have gotten better at noticing tricks in ads and how to use those tricks.

August 2

Term 2 Unit Goal Reflection

Section 1

In term 2 we had done a project based on the animal/plant you have chosen our plant was the Boab Tree. I was working with Maya for the project; overall I think we had done well. What we had in our project was a type of billboard thing with all the information on it. Our project was split into 3 different parts: Adaptations, habitat and experiment. The adaptations part was the biggest with all of the Boab Trees adaptations such as it having spongy and shiny bark. The next part is the habitat: this was where the Boab Tree lived. Finally the experiment, this was where we used a model to conduct an experiment to show how one of the adaptations work.

3 Things I Found Interesting

  1. One of my favourite facts about this project was that the Boab Tree had shiny and spongy bark. What this does is that the shiny bark reflects sunlight of the tree to keep it cool and stop animals from climbing it. But the spongy bark sucks up water that stores it in the caudex, a caudex is when a trees trunk swells or thickens, but if it rains then the hand shaped leaves catch the water and guides it to their u like stems that guides that to the spongy bark that soon sucks up all the water.
  2. Adding onto the last one all the water stored in the caudex will get dirty overtime but the Boab Tree takes care of this by using the preservatives in its WOOD that keeps all of the water clean. I find this interesting because first of all there preservatives in the wood but how do they stay in the wood, can you answer that for me?
  3. The Boab nut/fruit may not seem like much but it’s a very important part of the Boabs life, because that is how it reproduces. If you didn’t already know the Boab Tree goes through dormancy, but its fruit stays on through dormancy this makes its fruit one of the on food around so when the fruit falls of all the animals want to eat it so they do. The seeds somehow don’t get digested and when the animal disposes of its waste the seeds are still whole inside of its feces this is good because it has manure and plenty of space to grow in which is also good since the Boab Tree can range up to 10-15 metres in height and a 5 metre diameter! So this how it reproduces and it’s a good way to do so because all of them are spread out.

2 Understanding I now have

  1. From finding out nearly all the Boab Trees adaptations above I linked them all and told you how they could have all worked together (I worked that out) and here it is again.  The spongy bark sucks up water that stores it in the caudex, a caudex is when a trees trunk swells or thickens, but if it rains then the hand shaped leaves catch the water and guides it to their u like stems that guides that to the spongy bark that soon sucks up all the water and to keep the water fresh it has preservatives in its wood.
  2. Also I found out that the Boab tree holds onto its nuts during dormancy to be the only food source around. Lastly the Boab Tree has flowers that open in the evening to get pollinated by: Fruit Bats, Moths, ect. I noticed that all of these animals come out at night so figured out that, that is the reason the flower opens in the evening.



2 Wonders I Still Have

  • The first wonder I have is how they boab tree keeps the preservatives in its wood and also linking to that does the Boab Tree store the water in its spongy bark when it’s not hollow (the Boab Tree can be hollow) or does it store pure water in its caudex?

Section 2

What are the most important things I have learnt?

During this term I have learnt a lot of things, but the most important things are probably how surface area affects cooling and also how surface area affects water retention. I chose these because we had to refer a lot to these lessons throughout the term because it’s obviously a big thing for survival in the desert since that you need to keep cool and preserve water also I have learnt a lot of new words and heaps of adaptation of animals/plants.

How did I learn it?

I learnt all of the things throughout: lessons, research, class, friends, presentations and excursions/incursions. With the lessons the structure we use is GANAG.


A-Accessing Prior Knowledge

N-New Information


G-Goal Reflection

Also we had to present our work at the end of the term and that’s also where I learnt a lot of information from other animals/plants.

What I’m going to do with what I’ve learnt

What I learnt this term I’m probably going to us it as general knowledge and use it if I ever decide to do science as a subject but if not I will categorize it into general knowledge and just bring it up when I need to.

Refer to unit goals

One of the unit goals (the class all had this one) was: I can identify the structural/behavioural adaptations of desert animals/plants and how they help it survive in their environment. I think I can do this well since I know a lot of desert animal adaptations and I remember the purpose for it but if I don’t I might be able to make up a pretty close reason for it. But overall I have learnt a lot this term and know a lot more than I did a term ago.



Throughout this reflection I have told you about the Boab Trees adaptations, how much I have learn, how I learnt it, the most important things I have learnt and what I’m going to do with what I learnt. But throughout section 1 and 2 this is what I have learnt that I told you: the adaptations of a boab tree, what I’m going to do with what I’m going to do with what I learnt, things I don’t know about and things that I found an explanation for.

July 20

The Wish

My telephone rung with my favourite ringtone. I liked the ringtone because it made the phone seem alive. When I was going to go check my messages I saw my profile picture, I had blonde hair and was very slim-looking good! I read my message and it stated, “Look for the wish seed in the sewers.” I guessed in a flash that this must be the famous wish seed that grants you a wish. Now, the last time I went down the sewers tears fell down my face when I vomited. I hated that stinky, disgusting, slimy place-but if there’s a possibility of adventure and treasure, I can’t resist, so off I went.

When I got to the sewers I saw a floating object, the wish seed. Well it did look like a seed but it didn’t look that spectacular. I heard a scream and saw another kid down at the other end of the sewers. I grabbed the seed and ran. I bolted for the ladder and rushed home. As I panted on my bed sweat trickled down my forehead but for some reason the sweat was salty like how it usually is. As I took a rest I observed the seed, but how did it work?

So the next day after school I invited my friends over to have a look. One of my friends said put it in a genie pot and it will summon a genie. My friends realised that maybe I was trying to trick them so I showed them my messages but mysteriously there were none. After that my friends stormed out in anger so I whispered to myself, “I wish that my friends would believe me.” My friends rushed back inside my room and said, “We saw a light coming from your room.” “We want to make a wish too!” the other one said. In selfish desperation for wishes I said, “NO! There might be limited wishes!” “You selfish scum!” they all said at once and they left.

An hour later I saw heaps of my friends outside of the door-everyone had been talking, and now everyone wanted my wish seed. A year 8 leader just pushed me out of the way and headed to my room. I lunged towards my room but the boy had already claimed the seed and once again just pushed me out of the way. I looked outside and it seemed they were fighting for the seed. Some smart people immediately fled.

The last people standing were people with a leader who happily shared the seed around. Then I thought, “Why weren’t my friends like that, why did they fight to get it from me?” I went to their house and asked why. They responded, “You are no good and selfish!” I convinced them to help me retrieve the seed by saying that I would share it.

The kids who had taken the seed had come up with a system they called “a wish for the day.” So they had hidden the seed in a box. We snuck in and took it out, but when we looked behind us a rush of adrenaline came. The whole mob was behind us. As we ran the only place we could think of going to was back to the sewers again- “ugh!” So we went in and we seemed to have lost them. I shared the seed around for everyone to have a wish (we each wished in private). Until we saw the same kid I had seen when I had first obtained the seed. I gave him an evil eye. But when I looked at my friends they stared and sighed indicating for me to share it with him as well.

So I did. But then I wondered why my friends hadn’t fought for it. Then I remembered them calling me selfish, and my mind rung. I was being selfish by taking it for myself and not even sharing it. Finally I had realized. If I wanted my friends to like me I had to share. In the future I am planning to share with my friends so this will never happen again.


In this activity I learned how to finish of a narrative by making the character change somehow. I also took Antony’s advice and make my stories a bit more simple and work more on making description and the character rather than having to spend the whole time putting my ideas in there. I am particularly proud of how I have improved from the last story because last time I was stressed and had to rush everything or I would have an unfinished story but this one went much more smoothly and I didn’t stress as much I am also proud of the different vocabulary and making the character change.

My Feedback

I love the way you have worked hard to create a story where the character changes his personality because of what happens when trying to solve the problem of the story. You enjoy using interesting vocabulary and phrases which help make your writing interesting for the reader.

You like to have lots of ideas and action in your stories, but if this is the type of story you want to write you have to be careful to make sure every step is clear. Notice how I have put in a few words and phrases here and there throughout your story, just to make it really clear what is happening. When you reread and edit your writing really look out for this.

Finally, be careful with your punctuation of talking. For instance, if you start the speech in the middle of a sentence you need a comma before the talking marks start- e.g: In selfish desperation for wishes I said, “NO! There might be limited wishes!”

May 27

Wild Reptiles Incursion


Last week Shaan from wild reptiles came for a visit with different animals to show (mostly reptiles).  I and my class had a fun and exciting day. We had seen many animals such as…

The shingle back lizard which has an amazing body due to its tail being in the shape of a HEAD so its predator won’t know which side his mouth is on and also the head tail is a fat storage. After the incursion we had to go to work by making a diagram on an animal of your choice that you had seen at the incursion. I had chosen the Fresh Water Crocodile and he had a few amazing adaptations but I’ll only tell you 2. 1st it has 3 eyelids which I thought that was amazing at first but then they told me that 2 eyelids are like your eyelids but 1 of the eyelid is on the side and is transparent so it can see underwater without hurting its eyes. 2nd at the end of its tail there is type of solar panel scales that collect heat and energy from the sun, I thought that was pretty nifty.

Through the whole incursion I had learnt a lot about animal adaptations and I only think I learnt 1% of how many animal adaptations there are and I am probably over exaggerating on that but anyways throughout years I still have to learn the other 99% of adaptations so I basically just skimmed the surface of how many adaptations there are. The last sentence leads on to my question, what is the total amount of life adaptations there are? Also animals are really extraordinary creatures for their adaptations to their environments us humans don’t really have that much amazing stuff to our body all we really got is a super brain and that’s it so I have learned animals (not including humans) are much more extraordinary than us.