October 27

BTN Blind Tennis


In SA kids are playing tennis blind and are hoping you are going to follow the trend.

In SA kids that are blind made a modified version of tennis so they could play sports just like the ordinary. The balls are bigger and softer and have a rattle inside of them so people could sense where it is through hearing. There is wire under tape on the court so that they can navigate where they are on the court and the ball can bounce twice if you are partially blind and 3 times if you are fully bind.

If you were to play the sport I think that the real challenge would be that you would have to judge how high the ball is or you would miss it. I think this sport is a good idea and people would join in but maybe people that are colour blind may have a bit of a setback due to the case that it isn’t as bad and could easily win.

If this were to continue would this be announced an actual proper sport?

October 26

100 Word Challenge Week #46

While I was in class at school my friend said that he and his other friend were going to see a horror movie at midnight tonight. I really wanted to go but I knew that my mum wouldn’t allow me. So I decided to sneak out and arrive back home a 2:30 and arrive back at my bed. So when the night came I started to depart at 11:30 to the cinema but when I came down the stairs my mum’s baby was in a cradle asleep. I was sneaking past and knocked over a vase the baby woke up and she just wouldn’t stop crying.

October 24

BTN Sick Kids

been going to school due to long term illness.

60,000 school kids have not been going to school due to long term illness which makes them stressed about falling behind. Some of these illnesses include cancer, asthma, diabetes, ect. Darcy and his mum are setting up a group called missing school where sick kids still do work at home and even could use technology and video calls.

This could help if you have an injury or you can’t walk or do sport but really most of the time you will be having surgery or vomiting and no one would like someone to vomit in a call when they’re trying to learn. If they do get this into the law it could work well if you have a less severe disease but otherwise it wouldn’t really help.

If their plan about video calls doesn’t work what will be their alternative?

October 13

BTN Refugee Chrisis


The war in Syria is resulting in thousands of refugees fleeing to Europe for safety.

People and asylum seekers are fleeing from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea to escape from the war that’s going on right now. But this is a hard job because not only do they have to cross the Mediterranean sea they have only got small inflatable rafts to sail on and not to mention that there is more people on one raft than there should be. When they get to Europe the first country they get to they have to register for a document to allow them to travel in Europe but Germany and Finland have been overwhelmed by refugees they put down this rule and Germany is expecting to receive 800,000 refugees. But on the other hand Hungary is putting up fences on their border to stop refugees from coming into the country.

If refugees keep on coming probably most European countries especially Germany and Finland will be littered with refugees who may result in overpopulation. Most people probably could not get reunited with their family because they are all probably on different boats and different countries.

If the was to ever stop would the refugees go back to Syria or stay in the countries they arrived in?

October 11

BTN Water On Mars


Recently scientists have discovered life on Mars.

Scientists have discovered life on Mars it first started by frozen water under the surface of Mars but then liquid water was found on Mars which could also mean that there may be life on Mars. But what type of life? Since there is life on Mars we may be able to make a civilisation on Mars itself and also another community like another whole new system.

September 8

BTN Bronwyn Bishop

Lately Bronwyn Bishop has been using her tax money that she got from the government not so wisely.

Bronwyn Bishop is the speaker of the house of representatives and has used $5227 to get a luxury helicopter trip to a meeting this isn’t against the rules because it does say the money has to and can be used to get to meetings ect. But some politicians and civilians are still not happy since their money was put to somebody else’s want. Bronwyn Bishop now was forced to resign from her job. My question is how much money does a politician get from tax money.

August 23

BTN Starting your own business


This BTN is how a 14 year old girl made her own successful business.

When Samara was 11 she started a business with her friend the goal was to raise money for the children’s hospital foundations Australia. So she started to make fairy houses. Overall she got $400 for the charity. She decided to continue with her business by making workshops for them and hosting kids’ parties. Her tips are to have a unique idea to market (advertise in a way) and profit and loss which is when you minus the materials from the items that are sold and see if you profited. When she was 14 she got over $2000.

Over a couple of days she got $400 but over 3 years she only got $2000 but she got the $400 when she was doing charity so it seems like people are willing to buy your product if you are fundraising for charity. Only Samara was explaining about the business and not her friend did she drop out it seems so. The only question I have is that if someone were to copy her would it still count or not because she doesn’t seem popular.

August 17

BTN Greece In Trouble


Greek has been in trouble for the past few weeks/months because they have been burrowing money from other countries and they are now in debt.

Over the weeks Greece burrowed some money from other European countries and now are in debt but to pay all this money back Austerity happens this is when countries need to pay money back so they lessen the jobs, they give less pay, make more taxes and make everything more expensive this is bad because then the youth can’t get jobs and help themselves. Even decent families wealth-wise can’t buy wants and maybe even needs. Because of this protests are breaking out for Greece to give back the money and also people are trying out violence to fix this. My question is that how much money did Greece burrow?

August 6



Right now the government is planning on raising the GST; I will be talking about that to you now. The GST is goods and services tax, so when you by an item or hire a plumber the government get 10% of the money but sometimes there are exceptions. Like there are some foods that don’t have GST because they are basic foods you need like bread or milk. The government agreed to this because otherwise the foods will cost more and some may not be able to afford them. But recently Tony Abbott has been trying to raise it in its percentage or cross of foods from the list. This really helps the government because the GST earns 50 BILLION dollars from its yearly! This also shows that without GST the government would probably go bankrupt. Before GST was a law people were debating for it not to happen, but the government won but now Tony Abbott is raising it and I’m guessing not many people will be happy. Tony Abbott wants to raise it but why does he want to raise it is the government having issues?

July 30

BTN Quarantine Questions


Lately on the news Johnny Depp has been accused for smuggling his two dogs in Pistol and Boo. Also what you have to do if you want to take an animal or plant to Australia.

It all started when agricultural minister Barnaby Joice found out that Depp smuggled the dogs and said he would have to take them back to California or the would be put down. Before an animal can travel to a country they have to go through biosecurity.  It’s a progress that makes sure your animal/plant doesn’t have diseases or can threaten specie an example of this is cane toads and how they are threatening plenty of species including dogs. The thing that Depp had done wrong here was skipping quarantine. Quarantine is where your animal spends time at a facility to double check that it didn’t catch a disease on the trip while doing this they have to be kept in complete isolation. But how did he skip quarantine? my theory is since he was flying on a private jet then he wouldn’t necessarily stop at the airport, his plane would be to small so he skips all that and smuggles his dog through quarantine. Lastly It said Johnny Depp had skipped quarantine but had he skipped biosecurity?