May 22

BTN Ivory Harvest

In Africa and more places around the world there are elephants and elephants have ivory. This costs a lot, so therefore these poor creatures are getting slaughtered for their tusks.

Ivory is an expensive material and people around the world, most commonly from Asia and china have been using this material for things like jewellery and sculptures for many years and is also a sign of wealth, so, elephants are getting killed for this reason, just for the tusks. The government has tried many ways to stop elephants getting killed for their ivory, so they took a way out for the first time but this sparked another problem. They have banned ivory for trading worldwide, while this made the demand for ivory lower this attracted poachers (People that kill and animal to sell a part of it) and in this case, the ivory. And now they have to come up with another counter to the poaching problem. So in Naobi National Park they decided to burn 100 tonnes of elephant tusk, or ivory which is like 100 million dollars of ivory, and that is a lot of elephant deaths. This was meant to send a message through Africa and the whole world that they do NOT TOLERATE POACHING! They did this to grab their attention by doing something spectacular! There are over 500,000 elephants in Africa and each year 25,000-30,000 elephants die to mostly poaching, people have many reasons to why this should not happen like; an alive elephant is worth MUCH more than a dead one. People believe that the burning initiative would make it worse because the ivory would be rarer and therefore more expensive, which I believe is not true. And also that we could set up ivory farms to take down the law and stop poaching and the killing of elephant’s altogether which I believe is a great idea. When and if they do set up a farm will they kill or tranquilise and harvest the tusks from the elephants?

May 15

BTN Fossil Fuels

We have been using fossil fuels as a source of energy for years and now we’re facing multiple problems that could change this forever.

Our world has been running on power, and power has to be made, by something. So, because of the convenience of how ice is less dense than water and we have such thing as an o-zone layer, we also have something called; fossil fuels, these include coal, oil and gas. Over hundreds of millions of years ago there were dinosaurs, and when they all died mysteriously, they sunk to the bottom of the ocean and so forth, and what came from these animals was carbon, something we all have. Fossil fuels are all made from carbon, and what turns the carbon into fossil fuels and the different types is a mixture of; time, pressure and heat. With moderation all this carbon with these other ingredients created fossil fuels, with different amounts leading to either, gas, oil and coal. The reason we used fossil fuels because they were cheap and powerful to use, and our whole world is built upon it. The fossil fuels pollute the land, resulting in bad climate and extreme weather and also sea levels rising. We are also running out of fossil fuels to use and it takes much over 1 million years to create, so they got us at a checkmate. Due to this 7 major countries have decided to change to a different power source. Maybe it might be wind, nuclear or solar, which one will it be? I believe that if we change we will run on nuclear or solar, because nuclear gives a lot of power fast and will be semi-eco-safe. While solar is eco-safe but will give out spurts of energy from the sun and will be a long term project. But wind I think would not provide enough power and will take a long time to build a sufficient source of power. Although is there any other power sources we could use?

May 9

BTN Dragon Boating

Apart from all the rest of the sports there is dragon boating, this is a sport like kayaking but a bit different

Dragon boating originated in china this can be inferred because of the dragon head at the front. When doing dragon boating there’s a drummer that keeps the boat in beat when they paddle, there’s a sweeper that steers the boat and there can be up to 20 paddlers. In my opinion I think this sport is not very common because of the lack of my knowledge about it. This sport is a bit more fierce and fast that most boat like races. What are the differences between dragon boating and kyaking/canoeing.

April 23

BTN Nuclear Power

South Australia is looking in to using nuclear power as a source of energy.

From the 1930’s to the 1940’s people were on the hunt for power until a few scientists found out about how atoms can be used for power, they found out that if they fire a neutron into a radioactive material like uranium the molecule made up of the atoms split in 2 generating heat which releases steam that spins turbines and makes electricity or nuclear power, from this I can take that we are using nuclear power very similarly to power In the old days, say for, There is a water wheel it generates power by spinning because of water that generates power with what I believe is magnets, this is exactly the same with nuclear power except with steam. Australia is the only g-20 nation that has not been using nuclear energy yet even though they have 1/3 of the world uranium probably because they have been holding onto it but there are reasons we are hesitant of trying this. Because it’s very dangerous because it’s harnessing radiation, something that kill over time and lingers over time in places making them inhabitable, and that there is a waste leftover that also emits radiation. And these power stations have blown up or malfunctioned and killed many people. And the damage the atoms splitting can also make nuclear bombs and nuclear weapons. But this can be a very good future project since uranium atoms harness a lot of potential for power. I have watched a video on this about how S.A is now starting discuss storing nuclear waste and I want to know why it took that long? If a nuclear power plant were to be established were would it most likely be?

April 17

BTN Gravitational Waves

This article was about how scientists had figured out about gravitational waves in space, which is a huge step in our progression to unfold the mysteries of the universe.

Just now, scientists have proven that there are gravitational waves in space, a theory first mad by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago. His theory was that if a big event happened in space like a star exploding, it would send a ripple of gravity throughout space, like a pebble falling into water except much, much bigger. The reason it was so hard to detect these waves is that that they were too weak to feel or see. Although a team of 1,000 scientists made 2 giant detectors in the US which had cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. Rainer Whice had suggested this idea in 1972 and it has taken them since then to complete the project. Finally right now all that work gave them a tiny bleep confirming that gravitational waves exist, this gravitational wave was made by 2 black holes colliding more than 1 billion light years away. We at the moment use stuff like; light, radio waves, micro waves, x-rays and gamma rays, now that we know about gravitational waves they show a lot of promise to discover more secrets of the universe and opens up another perspective on different things this also widens our possibilities for new technology once we learn how to use gravitational waves. From this text I figured out how strong some events in space can be, I believe that 1 billion light years is very far away and 2 black holes will make a very big explosion or something but I am surprised that we heard that from a billion lights years away, and this just shows me how fast humanity is advancing if we will be able to harness the ability of using ripples of gravity in space as a power source or tool. If we can use gravitational waves to our advantage then what new technology will we be able to make with ripples of gravity in space?  And how will we be able to store it, and wouldn’t it be a very unreliable source because we will have to wait for a star to explode or something for us to be able to get actual power for it? (correct me if a big event in space is common or not)

March 25

BTN Voting Age

This article was about how people want to change the age that you are able to vote in Australia.

Right now in Australia We are allowed to vote when we reach the age of 18 although Bill Shorten wants that to change because he wants 16 and 17 year olds to vote as well. When you turn 16 you gain the right to; Drive, get a full time job, a debit card, join the army, get married and even donating blood, and people want to add having the right to vote at 16 onto that list. Right now not enough people at the age of 18 is voting because they aren’t motivated to but Bill Shorten thinks that lowering that age would motivate them to vote even more, because of this the AEC says that 400,000 18-24 year olds and voting even though it’s illegal. Some countries have also lowered the voting age to 16 such as; Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Scotland and Argentina. Despite all of this a lot of 16 year olds have different opinions on the idea at hand because of various reasons. If the age of voting gets changed, will anything else get changed along with it? And if the voting does get changed so you think that this will demotivate the 16 year olds even more stopping them from voting as well?

March 20

BTN Australia Day

This article was about how people are thinking of moving Australia day to another date.

Australia day is on the 26th of January each year because it’s the day that the first fleet arrived in In Australia and the British came. Although many people think it’s a day that should not be celebrated and many people think it should be moved to a different date. Many Aboriginals even call it invasion day. So suggestions have been going around for dates that it could be moved to such as; January the 1st when Australia became a federation, January the 25th the day before the British came, infusing it with Anzac day and when the Referendum happened. I understand that people (including me) think that the date should be moved but I don’t understand why people would keep it at that date because `it’s a good time of year` maybe because it’s been tradition but just because `It’s a good time of year` is not a good argument. When Australia day does move what date will be the date that it’s most likely moved to? And how will they choose a date to move it to?

March 14

BTN Voting Changes

Michael Turnbull is trying to change how the senate is elected because not everyone gets their say because of a voting system.

The government is trying to change how the senate is elected because many people don’t get their say, for example, because of something called a group voting system smaller parties get elected even though not many people are voting for them. How you vote is you fill out your preferences for all the parties that could possibly go to 100 or you could do a group voting system, where you fill out your main preference and the candidate decides the rest. This can lead to small parties making preference deals where 1 party agrees to preference another small party, these are the few reasons the government wants to change and get rid of the group voting systems. I believe that this is a good idea and that people will like the group voting system gone because everyone gets their say and not 1000 people compared to 1000000 and I do think that this plan will happen in the end, even though small parties can’t speak themselves the people still want the other ones to, like if you have a good idea people will vote for you and you’ll be a bigger party. If the group voting system is terminated what will the new voting system be? Will the new voting system be the same as the old one where you vote your preference out of all the parties one by one?

November 27

BTN Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a big part of the world b=due to him becoming one of the greatest scientists of all time and this BTN was about his general theory of relativity.

Albert was born in Germany 1879, and was pretty good in school although at the age of 15 he dropped out of school and tried to get into university, unfortunately he failed. He moved over to Switzerland and got into university there and studied to be a teacher although there were no jobs available so he worked in a patent office and saw many inventions of other people. In 1905 he published many important papers that included his formula E=mc2. On the 25th of November 1915 he published his final papers on the general theory of relativity which is about the relationship between space and time. This helped scientists discover a lot about how gravity works, that black holes exist, time travel may be possible, and how the universe was formed. After all of his hard work and effort in 1921 he got a Nobel Prize for physics.

Although Isaac Newton discovered gravity without Albert Einstein we may not know as much as we know now due to the fact of Einstein coming up with the general theory of relativity. Although it may be a bit weird or impossible that a relationship of space and time would figure this all out somehow it did and if we can use this theory to our full advantage then we may be able to possibly time travel.

If there was a possibility of time travel how would it work and when would the general theory of relativity come into play?

November 22

BTN Paris Attacks

On Friday at France 129 people were killed and over 100 injured by bombings conducted by Islamic State/Isis/I.S. There were 3 teams of attackers each bombing a theatre where a rock concert was held, an international football match and at bars and restaurants. The French police are tracking down the terrorists and suspects whilst French planes bomb Islamic state target in Syria. To commemorate the dead people monuments around the world were lit up in red, white and blue which are the colours of the French flag.

Islamic state has bombed many places like Lebanon, Islamic state is a terrorism group that bombs a lot of places and since it bombed France so it may be likely that it bombs another big country. I don’t know if I’m correct but I think that Islamic state may have bombed France because of them getting bombed by other countries such as France, I don’t know if this is the reason of the war in Syria and why everyone is evacuating.

Why is Islamic state bombing these countries such as Lebanon and France?